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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11AMI authentication method based on hardware public key certificate using unique identifier김동규
2015-11Analysis of hardware modular inversion modules for elliptic curve cryptography김동규
2015-11Analysis of Masking Effects on DPA Countermeasure for Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms김동규
2014-04Built-in hardware pseudo-random test module for physical unclonable functions김동규
2016-10Design and Analysis of Efficient Parallel Hardware Prime Generators김동규
2013-05The Effects of Pigs' Feet Consumption on Lactation김동규
2017-06Efficient Design and Performance Analysis of a Hardware Right-shift Binary Modular Inversion Algorithm in GF(p)김동규
2019-07Fast and Power-Analysis Resistant Ring Lizard Crypto-processor based on the Sparse Ternary Property김동규
2017-06Fast compact true random number generator based on multiple sampling김동규
2017-02GF(p)의 타원곡선 암호 시스템을 위한 효율적인 하드웨어 몽고메리 모듈러 역원기김동규
2020-08Hardware Implementation of Lightweight Block Ciphers for IoT Sensors김동규
2019-06Improving Ring-oscillator-based True Random Number Generators using Multiple Sampling김동규
2011-03Integrated circuit design for physical unclonable function using differential amplifiers김동규
2020-08Lattice 기반 양자 암호 알고리즘의 하드웨어 최신 구현 동향김동규
2011-02Linear-Time Construction of Two-Dimensional Suffix Trees김동규
2011-08Low-Power Design of Hardware One-Time Password Generators for Card-Type OTPs김동규
2011-07Montgomery Multiplication Hardware Module with Combined Pre-computation Module김동규
2013-10Optimization of a Grounded Electrode Shape in Gas Insulated Switchgear with a Reversely Elliptical Permittivity Graded Insulator김동규
2020-03A Physical Unclonable Function With Bit Error Rate ˂ 2.3 × 10−8 Based on Contact Formation Probability Without Error Correction Code김동규
2011-12Probabilistic Analysis on the Optimal Combination of Trial Division and Probabilistic Primality Tests for Safe Prime Generation김동규
2020-11PUF Key를 사용한 Secure JTAG 인증과정 구현김동규
2020-08PUF를 이용한 Challenge/Response 기반의 Secure JTAG김동규
2011-06PUF를 활용한 스마트 카드의 오프라인 사용자 인증 방법김동규
2020-08RISC-V ISA기반 ROP(Return-Oriented Programming) 공격의 Gadget 분석김동규
2016-02Secure bimodal PIN-entry method using audio signals김동규
2018-08Secure circuit with optical energy harvesting against unpowered physical attacks김동규
2021-02Secure IC with Countermeasure to Unpowered Physical Attack using On-chip Photodiode and Charge Pump김동규
2019-10Security SoC Architecture with Hardware-Based Pre-Authentication김동규
2021Toxoplasma gondii macrophage migration inhibitory factor enhances anti-mycobacterial effect in macrophage김동규
2011-06TPM(Trusted Platform Module) 칩의 안정성 향상김동규