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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-121-Adamantyl 유도체의 활성화부피-활성화엔트로피의 상관관계김동국
2004-122-Oxyglutaric acid 를 함유한 생분해성 지방족 폴리에스테르의 합성과 물성김동국
2001-024-Hydroxybuthyl acrylate와 1,6-hexanediol diacrylate의 합성김동국
2008-09Application of the Extended Grunwald-Winstein Equation to Solvolyses of n-Propyl Fluoroformate and a Consideration of Leaving Group Effects김동국
2004-03Biodegradable Aliphatic Polyester Ionomers김동국
2004-11Carboxylic Ester Acrylate를 이용한 광경화형 에폭시 아크릴레이트의 합성과 물성김동국
2007-04Correlation of the Rates of Solvolysis of Isopropyl Fluoroformate Using the Extended Grunwald-Winstein Equation김동국
2000-03Dual Pathways in the Solvolyses of Isopropyl Chloroformate김동국
2003-10Dynamic mechanical and melt rheological properties of sulfonnated poly(butylene succinate) ionomers김동국
2008-01Effect of Isocyanate-Modified Fumed Silica on the Properties of Poly(butylene succinate) Nanocomposites김동국
2004-05Effect of Methyl substitution of the Ethylene Unit on the Physical Properties of Poly(butylene succinate)김동국
2006-11Effect of supramolecular hydrogen bonded network on the properties of maleated ethylene propylene diene rubber/maleated high density polyethylene blend based thermoplastic elastomer김동국
2004-10Effects of shearing and comonomer content on the crystallization behavior of poly(butylene succinate-co- butylene 2-ethyl-2-methyl succinate)김동국
2002-08Fabrication of Photoimageable Silver Paste for Low-Temperature Cofiring Using Acrylate Binder Polymers and Photosensitive Materials김동국
2004-08Fabrication of Photoimageable Silver Paste for Low-Temperature Confiring Using Acrylic Binder Polymers and Photosensitive Materials김동국
2007-07Green thermoplastic elastomer based on polycaprolactone/epoxidized natural rubber blend as a heat shrinkable material김동국
2007-05Heat Shrinkable Behaviour of Supramolecular Hydrogen Bonded Maleated Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber and Maleated High Density Polyethylene Blend김동국
2008-02IN situ polymerized poly(butlene succinate)/silica nanocomposites : Physical properties and biodegradation김동국
2004-02Kinetics of Acrylamide Solution Polymerization Using Potassium Persulfate as an Initiator by in situ IR김동국
2004-03Morphology and Crystallization Behavior of Poly(butylene succinate)-Based Ionomer김동국
2003-12Physical properties and biodegradation of poly(butylene adipate)ionomers김동국
2001-12Poly(butylene succinate-co-2-methysuccinate)의 결정화 거동김동국
2006-10Study on the Low Loss Polymer Substrate Material Using Cyanate Ester and Polyphenylene Ether김동국
2002-12Synthesis and Properties of Segmented Block Poly(oxyethylene-block-esteramide)김동국
2007-12Thermomechanical properties and shape memory effect of epoxidized natural rubber crosslinked by 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole김동국
2005-06광경화형 dimethylol propionic acid 변성 하이퍼브랜치 아크릴레이트의 합성과 물성김동국
2005-02광경화형 dipentaerythritol 변성 폴리메타아크릴레이트의 합성과 물성김동국
2005-05광경화형 pentaerythritol 변성 초분지형 아크릴레이트의 합성과 물성김동국
2004-05광경화형 지방족 에폭시 변성 우레탄 아크릴레이트의 합성과 물성김동국
2004-04광경화형 지방족 에폭시 아크릴레이트의 합성과 물성 (II)김동국