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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-11A New Langmuir Probe Analysis Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transforms to Obtain the Electron Energy Distribution Function of a Bi-Maxwellian Plasma김대경
2011-12A novel Fresnlet based robust data hiding algorithm for medical images김대경
2012-07A simple approach for large size digital off-axis hologram reconstruction김대경
2006-09Analysis of Electron Energy Distribution Function from a Langmuir Probe Data Using the Bi-orthogonal Wavelet Transform김대경
2004-04Analysis of Langmuir Probe Data Using Wavelet Transform김대경
2008-06Anisotropic Resist Reflow Process Simulation for 22 nm Elongated Contact Holes김대경
2007-11Anisotropic resist reflow process simulation for 32 nm node elongated contact holes김대경
2002-08An application of wavelet transform toward noisy NMR peak suppression김대경
2003-02Bayesian inference and model selection in latent class logit models with parameter constraints: an application to market segmentation김대경
2010-09Bayesian principal component analysis with mixture priors김대경
2015-12Blind data hiding technique using the Fresnelet transform김대경
2015-12Blind dding technique using the Fresnelet transformata hi김대경
2003-02Determination of Plasma Potential from the Langmuir Probe Trace Using Bi-orthogonal Wavelet Transform김대경
2002-08DWT를 이용한 영상압축을 위한 경계화소의 효과적인 처리방법김대경
2009-05Efficiency and Robustness of Fully Adaptive Simulated Maximum Likelihood Method김대경
2002-10Efficiency of the OLSE for regressions on two-dimensional grids with sinusoidal regressors and spatially correlated errors김대경
2018-06Enhanced residual noise estimation of low rank approximation for image denoising김대경
2022-04Hybrid Deep Learning Framework for Reduction of Mixed Noise via Low Rank Noise Estimation김대경
2018-08Image de-noising with subband replacement and fusion process using bayes estimators김대경
2020-09Image noise reduction based on block matching in wavelet frame domain김대경
2016-05The impact of the residual stress on the EUV pellicle김대경
2003-12An Invisible Watermarking Scheme based on Wavelet Transform김대경
2003-07Large Solvent and Noise Peak Suppression by Combined SVD-Harr Wavelet Transform김대경
1999-11Littlewood-Paley Type Estimates for Besov Spaces on a Cube by Wavelet Coefficients김대경
2021-10Low-Rank Estimation for Image Denoising Using Fractional-Order Gradient-Based Similarity Measure김대경
2015-08Mechanical deflection of a free-standing pellicle for extreme ultraviolet lithography김대경
2012-02Mg함량에 따른 Zn-Mg합금의 내부식특성 및 기계적 특성김대경
2021-01Mixed Noise Removal Using Adaptive Median Based Non-Local Rank Minimization김대경
2006-08Modeling for Resist Reflow of an Elongated Contact Hole김대경
2015-08Multiscale Hybrid Nonlocal Means Filtering Using Modified Similarity Measure김대경