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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-0410㎾급 지게차량용 스위치드 릴럭턴스 전동기의 형상 설계권병일
2016-072 상 축 방향 자속 SPM BLDC 모터의 설계 및 분석권병일
2005-052-D Modeling and Characteristic Analysis of a Magnetic Position Sensor권병일
2007-102중여자 2자유도 모터의 설계 및 특성해석권병일
2016-01A 32 000 r/min Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine for Energy Storage With Mechanical Stress Analysis권병일
2016-07A 32,000 rev/min Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine for Energy storage with Mechanical Stress Analysis권병일
2015-073상 오프라인 무정전 전원 시스템의 돌입전류 제거권병일
2002-113상 인버터 구동 유도전동기의 회전자 1 슬롯 최적설계에 관한 실험권병일
2007-10Advanced Brushless DC Motor Drive without Position Sensor for Home Appliances권병일
2018-04Analysis and Control of the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Auxiliary Modular Design권병일
2020-05Analysis and Design of a PM-assisted Wound Rotor Synchronous Machine with Reluctance Torque Enhancement권병일
2016-12Analysis and experiment of transformer vibration and noise considering electrical steel sheet magnetostriction권병일
2017-06Analysis and Optimization of the Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator using an Analytical Method권병일
1999-10Analysis for Dynamic Characteristics of a Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor Having Joints in the Secondary Conductor and Back-iron권병일
2000-07Analysis for Dynamic Cjaracteristics of a Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor Having Joints in the Secondary Conductor and Back-iron권병일
2017-07Analysis for the Sub-Harmonically Excited, Brushless Wound Rotor Synchronous Machine권병일
2000-05Analysis of Axially Non-uniform Loss Distribution in 3-phase Induction Motor Considering Skew Effect권병일
2006-05Analysis of Bearing Current of the Inverter-fed Induction Motor Using Equivalent Circuit Parameters by FEM권병일
2005-09The analysis of bearing current using common mode equivalent circuit parameters by FEM권병일
2003-05Analysis of Magnetization of Magnet in the Rotor of Line Start Permanent Magnet Motor권병일
2003-06Analysis of Operating characteristics of PM-Type Magnetic Circuit Breaker권병일
2006-05Analysis of Single-Phase Line Start Permanent Magnet Motor Considering Overhang Structure Effect권병일
2006-09Analysis of Torque Characteristics for the Single-phase Induction Motor Considering Space Harmonics권병일
2020-05Analytical Design of a Hybrid-Excited Wound Field Synchronous Machine for the Improvement of Torque Characteristics권병일
2016-03Asymmetrical Fault Correction for the Sensitive Loads Using a Current Regulated Voltage Source Inverter권병일
2009-07BLDC 전동기 고정자 코어의 비정현적인 자속밀도 분포특성를 고려하기 위한 철손 모델링에 대한 연구권병일
2007-01BLDC 전동기의 정현적 공극 자속밀도 구현에 의한 코깅토크 저감권병일
2006-10BLDC전동기의 정현적 공극 자속밀도 구현에 의한 진동소음 저감권병일
2006-04BLDC전동기의 정현파 공극 자속밀도 구현에 의한 코깅토오크 저감권병일
2019-06Brushless Operation of a Wound-Field Synchronous Machine Using a Novel Winding Scheme권병일