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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02Electrochemical Generation of Single Emulsion Droplets and in-situ Observation of Collisions on an Ultramicroelectrode장진호
2016-03Electrochemical modification of ITO with Di-(3-diaminorpropyl)-viologen and its electrocatalytic behavior of the oxygen reduction reaction in an alkaline solution장진호
2017-02Electrochemically Identified Ultrathin Water-Oxidation Catalyst in Neutral pH Solution Containing Ni2+ and Its Combination with Photoelectrode장진호
2012-09Electrochemistry and electrogenerated chemiluminescence of π-stacked poly (fluorenemethylene) oligomers. Multiple, interacting electron transfers장진호
2013-08Electrochemistry of High Concentration Copper Chloride Complexes장진호
2016-11A facile room temperature chemical transformation approach for binder-free thin film formation of Ag2Te and lithiation/delithiation chemistry of the film장진호
2020-05Feasibility of Voltage-Applied SERS Measurement of Bile Juice as an Effective Analytical Scheme to Enhance Discrimination between Gall Bladder (GB) Polyp and GB Cancer장진호
2016-05Individually carbon-coated and electrostatic-force-derived graphene-oxide-wrapped lithium titanium oxide nanofibers as anode material for lithium-ion batteries장진호
2016-11Mechanism of the Br−/Br2 Redox Reaction on Platinum and Glassy Carbon Electrodes in Nitrobenzene by Cyclic Voltammetry장진호
2020-07Nanoconfinement Effects on Enhanced Reversibility of Redox Reactions Coupled with an Irreversible Chemical Process by Electrolysis Acceleration in Nanoporous Carbon Electrodes for a Redox-Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitor장진호
2017-04Preparation and Electrochemical Characterization of Carbonaceous Thin Layer장진호
2018-09Probing the speciation of quaternary ammonium polybromides by voltammetric tribromide titration장진호
2016-06Re-evaluation of Sn(II)-Br− Speciation in Concentrated Bromide Media by Cyclic Voltammetry장진호
2020-02Revealing Electrochemically Generated Local High Order Polyiodides (I2n+1−,n=1–3) on Pt Ultramicroelectrode장진호
2018-05Revealing Indirect Electro-Reduction of Quaternary Ammonium Polybromide Droplets in Acidic Aqueous Solutions장진호
2017-03A self-assembled Ni(cyclam)-BTC network on ITO for an oxygen evolution catalyst in alkaline solution장진호
2018-05Semi-quantitative determination of ion transfers at an interface between water and quaternary ammonium polybromide droplets through stochastic electrochemical analysis장진호
2019-12Stochastic Electrochemical Cytometry of Human Platelets via a Particle Collision Approach장진호
2020-08Stochastic Particle Approach Electrochemistry (SPAE): Estimating Size, Drift Velocity, and Electric Force of Insulating Particles장진호
2019-05Time Transient Electrochemical Monitoring of Tetraalkylammonium Polybromide Solid Particle Formation: Observation of Ionic Liquid- to-Solid Transitions장진호
2017-05Understanding Br- transfer into electrochemically generated discrete quaternary ammonium polybromide droplet on Pt ultramicroelectrode장진호
2018-11Understanding current amplification by quaternary ammonium polybromides droplets on Pt ultramicroelectrode장진호
2019-12Understanding the mass-transfer of Br species in an aqueous and quaternary ammonium polybromide biphasic system via particle-impact electrochemical analysis장진호
2020-10Understanding the Redox Reaction of Self-Assembled Ferrocence-Containing Polymer Particle Comprising Ferrocenylmethyl Methacrylate-Methacrylic Acid Random Copolymers장진호
2019-11Unraveling V(V)-V(IV)-V(III)-V(II) Redox Electrochemistry in Highly Concentrated Mixed Acidic Media for a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery: Origin of the Parasitic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction장진호
2019-11Viologen-Bromide Dual-Redox Ionic Solid Complexes: Understanding Their Electrochemical Formation and Proton-Accompanied Redox Chemistry장진호
2015-08가속계에서 얽힘의 행동과 양자 키 분배를 위한 양자 네트워크장진호
2017-02박경훈 작곡 <덕수궁의 가을 주제에 의한 변주곡> 분석장진호
2009-08범용 DSM-CC 아키텍처와 어플리케이션 캐시 관리 전략장진호
2021병렬형 하이브리드 전기 자동차의 가속 성능 및 연비를 고려한 ECMS 제어 알고리즘에 대한 연구장진호