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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04Absorbable Plate-Related Infection after Facial Bone Fracture Reduction이장현
2014-01Addressing the strengthening the reporting of observational studies in epidemiology (STROBE) statement in archives of plastic surgery reports이장현
2013-07The application of the Risdon approach for mandibular condyle fractures이장현
2018-07The appropriate management algorithm for diabetic foot A single-center retrospective study over 12 years이장현
2017-01The Appropriate Surgical Approach to Frontotemporal Dermoid Cysts in Adult Patients이장현
2014-05Are journal articles accessed more times also cited more?이장현
2015-06A Case of Bilateral Trigger Thumbs Secondary to Aromatase Inhibitor이장현
2019-03A comparative study of intraoral versus retromandibular approach in the management of subcondylar fracture이장현
2014-01Complete Reduction With Traction of the Infraorbital Neurovascular Bundle in a Delayed Patient With White-Eyed Blow-Out Fracture이장현
2012-01Concomitant Open Reduction of a Nasal Bone Fracture Combined With a Zygomatic Fracture Through a Subciliary Incision이장현
2019-04(CONSORT) Wound closure using Dermabond after excision of hemangioma on the lip이장현
2014-11Correction of Deep Static Glabellar Lines With Acellular Dermal Matrix Insertion이장현
2015-03Early intervention for Low-Temperature burns: Comparison between early and late hospital visit patients이장현
2019-02Exclusive tongue tip reconstruction of hemiglossectomy defects using the underrated lateral arm free flap with bilobed design이장현
2014-11Expression of nuclear factor erythroid 2 protein in malignant cutaneous tumors이장현
2011-10Expression of RUNX3 in skin cancers이장현
2020-01Facial Rejuvenation Using a Mixture of Calcium Hydroxylapatite Filler and Hyaluronic Acid Filler이장현
2019-02Flap selection for reconstruction of wide palatal defect after cancer surgery이장현
2011-08Greater expression of TC21/R-ras2 in highly aggressive malignant skin cancer이장현
2015-01Horner syndrome in neurofibromatosis type 1이장현
2020-06Low-level light therapy using a helmet-type device for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia A 16-week, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, sham device-controlled trial이장현
2012-03Management of Delayed Infection After Insertion of Bioresorbable Plates at the Infraorbital Rim이장현
2011-06Mesenchymal Stem Cells Improve Wound Healing In Vivo via Early Activation of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor이장현
2017-04Modified functional superficial parotidectomy with ligation of the major branch of the parotid duct extending to the superficial lobe이장현
2014-12Orbital floor restoration with traction of the infraorbital nerve using a vessel loop in posterior orbital floor fractures이장현
2016-04Perforator-based island flap with a peripheral muscle patch for coverage of sacral sores이장현
2014-05Perineal Perforator-Based Island Flaps: The Next Frontier in Perineal Reconstruction이장현
2014-12Predictive factors for successful limb salvage surgery in diabetic foot patients이장현
2012-03Pseudoaneurysm of the Facial Artery After the Injection of Local Anesthetics이장현
2019-11Reconstruction of midface defects using local flaps An algorithm for appropriate flap choice이장현