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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Cancer-Targeting Paclitaxel-Loaded Nanoparticles Potentiates Antitumor Effects in Malignant Glioblastoma이근용
2011-11Oligoarginine-modified chitosan for siRNA delivery이근용
2016-03Optical Imaging and Gene Therapy with Neuroblastoma-Targeting Polymeric Nanoparticles for Potential Theranostic Applications이근용
2013-01Preparation and characterization of nonaarginine-modified chitosan nanoparticles for siRNA delivery이근용
2011-02Preparation of budesonide-loaded porous PLGA microparticles and their therapeutic efficacy in a murine asthma model이근용
2011-11Presenting multiple adhesion ligands on hydrogels for control of PC12 phenotype이근용
2011-05Quantifying specific cell-polymer interactions using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy이근용
2020-06Regulation of the Viscoelastic Properties of Hyaluronate-Alginate Hybrid Hydrogel as an Injectable for Chondrocyte Delivery이근용
2012-07Responses of preosteoblasts on nano-structured polymer surfaces prepared from block copolymer-surfactant complexes이근용
2018-08Sensitive detection of dengue virus NS1 by highly stable affibody-functionalized gold nanoparticles이근용
2013-02Sequential delivery of TAT-HSP27 and VEGF using microsphere/hydrogel hybrid systems for therapeutic angiogenesis이근용
2018-03Sequential Targeted Delivery of Liposomes to Ischemic Tissues by Controlling Blood Vessel Permeability이근용
2014-05Shear Reversible Cell/Microsphere Aggregate as an Injectable for Tissue Regeneration이근용
2016-01Silencing CCR2 in Macrophages Alleviates Adipose Tissue Inflammation and the Associated Metabolic Syndrome in Dietary Obese Mice이근용
2011-11Single chain variable fragment CD7 antibody conjugated PLGA/HDAC inhibitor immuno-nanoparticles: Developing human T cell-specific nano-technology for delivery of therapeutic drugs targeting latent HIV이근용
2015-12The spacer arm length in cell-penetrating peptides influences chitosan/siRNA nanoparticle delivery for pulmonary inflammation treatment이근용
2012-06T Cell-Specific siRNA Delivery Using Antibody-Conjugated Chitosan Nanoparticles이근용
2016-02Theranostic gas-generating nanoparticles for targeted ultrasound imaging and treatment of neuroblastoma이근용
2019-05Three-Dimensional Bioprinting of Cell-Laden Constructs Using Polysaccharide-Based Self-Healing Hydrogels이근용
2017-03Trileucine residues in a ligand-CPP-based siRNA delivery platform improve endosomal escape of siRNA이근용
2015-12Tuning the sphere-to-rod transition in the self-assembly of thermoresponsive polymer hybrids이근용