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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07Optimal design of a corrugated louvered fin육세진
2016-04Optimization of a chimney design for cooling efficiency of a radial heat sink in a LED downlight육세진
2015-08Optimization of a staggered pin-fin for a radial heat sink under free convection육세진
2021-02Optimization of pipe-and-spike discharge electrode shape for improving electrostatic precipitator collection efficiency육세진
2022-01Optimization of Sawtooth Electrode for Improving Collection Efficiency of Electrostatic Precipitator육세진
2018-01Optimization of the radial heat sink with a concentric cylinder and triangular fins installed on a circular base육세진
2011-05Optimum design of a radial heat sink under natural convection육세진
2014-03Optimum design of a radial heat sink with a fin-height profile for high-power LED lighting applications육세진
2016-11Overestimation of on-road air quality surveying data measured with a mobile laboratory caused by exhaust plumes of a vehicle ahead in dense traffic areas육세진
2012-10Particle deposition on face-up flat plates in parallel airflow under the combined influences of thermophoresis and electrophoresis육세진
2014-08Particle Deposition Velocity Onto EUVL Masks in Vertical Airflow육세진
2022-01Performance Analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle with the Turbine Embedded in a Generator (TEG)육세진
2017-08Performance estimation of a louver dust collector attached to the bottom of a subway train running in a tunnel육세진
2019-05Performance evaluation of a hybrid dust collector for removing particles during subway train operation육세진
2020-01Performance evaluation of a tangential cyclone separator with additional inlets on the cone section육세진
2018-10Performance improvement of a cyclone separator using multiple subsidiary cyclones육세진
2021-05Performance improvement of a horizontal zigzag type mist eliminator using slit plates육세진
2020-12Performance Investigation of a Vertical Wave-plate Mist Eliminator with Perforated Plates육세진
2019-11Performance investigation of radial heat sink with circular base and perforated staggered fins육세진
2022-01Performance investigation of radial heat sink with pin fins placed normally on circular base edge육세진
2016-06Prediction of time-varying heat flux along a hollow cylindrical tube wall using recursive input estimation algorithm and thermal resistance network method육세진
2022-09Reducing PM10 and PM2.5 Concentrations in a Subway Station by Changing the Diffuser Arrangement육세진
2021-04Required flux tower height for measurement of re-suspended road dust육세진
2022-08Rheology of electromagnetohydrodynamic tangent hyperbolic nanofluid over a stretching riga surface featuring dufour effect and activation energy육세진
2014-08Scaling method for storage vaults based on thermal-hydraulic characteristics육세진
2022-05Simulation of Dissipative Hybrid Nanofluid (PEG-Water + ZrO2 + MgO) Flow by a Curved Shrinking Sheet with Thermal Radiation and Higher Order Chemical Reaction육세진
2022-06Simulation of the dynamics of colloidal mixture of water with various nanoparticles at different levels of partial slip: Ternary-hybrid nanofluid육세진
2018-11Size-dependent characteristics of diurnal particle concentration variation in an underground subway tunnel육세진
2012-02Statistical Lagrangian particle tracking approach to investigate the effect of thermophoresis on particle deposition onto a face-up flat surface in a parallel airflow육세진
2018-12A Study on Electrical Charge Distribution of Aerosol Using Gerdien Ion Counter육세진