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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12Heat transfers thermodynamic activity of a second-grade ternary nanofluid flow over a vertical plate with Atangana-Baleanu time-fractional integral육세진
2021-12Heat-dissipation performance of cylindrical heat sink with perforated fins육세진
2021-11High-volume sampler for size-selective sampling of bioaerosols including viruses육세진
2022-01Induced magnetic field and viscous dissipation on flows of two immiscible fluids in a rectangular channel육세진
2019-12Influence of clean air and inlet configuration on the performance of slit nozzle virtual impactor육세진
2021-10Insight into the dynamics of time-dependent cross nanofluid on a melting surface subject to cubic autocatalysis육세진
2022-06Insight into the motion of water conveying three kinds of nanoparticles shapes on a horizontal surface: Significance of thermo-migration and Brownian motion육세진
2022-03Insights into the dynamics of blood conveying gold nanoparticles on a curved surface when suction, thermal radiation, and Lorentz force are significant: The case of Non-Newtonian Williamson fluid육세진
2018-01Inverse heat conduction modeling to predict heat flux in a hollow cylindrical tube having irregular cross-sections육세진
2015-10Inverse heat transfer analysis of multi-layered tube using thermal resistance network and Kalman filter육세진
2018-05Investigation of a double shrouded probe for particle sampling in high velocity airflows육세진
2016-07Investigation of airflow and particle behavior around a subway train running in the underground tunnel육세진
2015-05Investigation of collection efficiency of round-nozzle impactors at different atmospheric pressures and temperatures육세진
2018-09Investigation of Diurnal Pattern of Generation and Resuspension of Particles Induced by Moving Subway Trains in an Underground Tunnel육세진
2015-10Investigation of particulate contamination of heated wafers contained in a closed environment육세진
2015-01Investigation of radiative and convective heat transfer in storage vaults for improving space efficiency육세진
2022-07Investigation of the Optimal Operating Position of an Air Cleaner in Terms of Indoor Air Quality in a Four-Bed Hospital Ward육세진
2013-01LCD brightness decay due to particulate contamination of back light unit육세진
2015-10Local Behavior of Deposition Velocity onto a Flat Plate in Horizontal Airflow under the Influence of Thermophoresis육세진
2021-10Magneto-free-convection flow of a rate type fluid over an inclined plate with heat and mass flux육세진
2022-05Measurement of re-suspended road dust emission factor using mobile laboratory and flux tower육세진
2018-05Natural convection flow around heated disk in cubical enclosure육세진
2022-06Nonlinear movements of axisymmetric ternary hybrid nanofluids in a thermally radiated expanding or contracting permeable Darcy Walls with different shapes and densities: Simple linear regression육세진
2021-01Numerical investigation of bus stop structures in Seoul for the reduction of fine dust entry육세진
2019-07Numerical Investigation of Collection Efficiency of Virtual Impactor with Electro-Aerodynamic Lens육세진
2011-08Numerical Investigation of Thermophoretic Effect on Particulate Contamination of an Inverted Flat Surface in a Parallel Airflow육세진
2014-07Optimal design of a corrugated louvered fin육세진
2016-04Optimization of a chimney design for cooling efficiency of a radial heat sink in a LED downlight육세진
2015-08Optimization of a staggered pin-fin for a radial heat sink under free convection육세진
2021-02Optimization of pipe-and-spike discharge electrode shape for improving electrostatic precipitator collection efficiency육세진