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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-12Hybrid techniques for quality improvement of recycled fine aggregate유재석
2017-01Influence of air-cooled blast furnace slag aggregate on sulfate attack resistance유재석
2014-12Influence of lead and chromium ions as toxic heavy metals between AFt and AFm phases based on C(3)A and C(4)A(3)(S)over-bar유재석
2019-06Influence of nano silica on the fresh, hardened and durability properties of self-cleaning white Portland cement mortars유재석
2019-06Influence of Nano-silica on the Leaching Attack upon Photocatalytic Cement Mortars유재석
2019-06Influence of the particle size of wheat straw ash on the microstructure of the interfacial transition zone유재석
2018-04Influence of the surface roughness of crushed natural aggregates on the microhardness of the interfacial transition zone of concrete with mineral admixtures and polymer latex유재석
2018-02Influence of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on the Sulfate Attack upon Ordinary Portland Cement and Slag-Blended Mortars유재석
2020-01Investigation of sulfuric acid attack upon cement mortars containing silicon carbide powder유재석
2011-04An investigation of the recycling of waste concrete as a cementitious material유재석
2019-02Mechanical Properties and Sulfate Resistance of High Volume Fly Ash Cement Mortars with Air-Cooled Slag as Fine Aggregate and Polypropylene Fibers유재석
2017-09New approach for delaying the internal temperature rise of fire resistant mortar made with coated aggregate유재석
2016-08New Surface-Treatment Technique of Concrete Structures Using Crack Repair Stick with Healing Ingredients유재석
2019-09Prevention of Autogenous Shrinkage in High-Strength Mortars with Saturated Tea Waste Particles유재석
2012-01Properties of early-stage concrete with setting-accelerating tablet in cold weather유재석
2013-11Reduction of heavy metals and organic materials by atomized slag barrier in contaminated groundwater유재석
2015-04The relationship between various superplasticizers and hydration of mortar incorporating metakaolin유재석
2019-07Review on the self-healing concrete-approach and evaluation techniques유재석
2014-11Self healing behavior for crack closing of expansive agent via granulation/film coating method유재석
2019-08Self-healing performance of coated slag aggregates in wheat straw ash blended cement composites유재석
2018-11Self-healing performance of GGBFS based cementitious mortar with granulated activators exposed to a seawater environment유재석
2019-07Self-healing phenomena using PVA coated granules for sustainable construction유재석
2020-10A Study of Sonar Image Stabilization of Unmanned Surface Vehicle Based on Motion Sensor for Inspection of Underwater Infrastructure유재석
2013-03Use of tabletting & coating accelerator for the prevention of early-frost of concrete in cold weather유재석
2011-12순환잔골재를 혼입한 자기충전 콘크리트의 현장적용을 위한 실험적 연구유재석
2013-04정제화 방법을 이용한 응결 지연제의 특성에 관한 연구유재석
2012-09친환경 콘크리트 개발을 위한 고분자 화합물의 적용에 관한 연구유재석
2011-06타블렛 형태 급결제가 콘크리트의 응결시간 및 조기강도에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구유재석
2012-07폴리비닐아세테이트(PVAc)를 이용한 복합공법의 수밀성능 향상에 관한 연구유재석
2014-04한중 환경에서 정제된 급결제를 혼입한 플라이애시 콘크리크의 특성유재석