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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Large-area and cost-effective fabrication of Ag-coated polymeric nanopillar array for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy유봉영
2015-01-20Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Ni-W ThinFilms with Alternate W-Rich and W-Poor Multilayers유봉영
2021-02Metal-free high-adsorption-capacity adsorbent derived from spent coffee grounds for methylene blue유봉영
2015-08Method of Efficient Ag Doping for Fermi Level Tuning of Thermoelectric Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 Alloys Using a Chemical Displacement Reaction유봉영
2016-08Microfabrication for Drug Delivery유봉영
2015-03Monitoring the length-controlled synthesis of one-dimensional metalloporphyrin-containing coordination polymer particles and their photocatalytic properties유봉영
2015-08Morphological Transformation Reactions of Photocatalytic Metalloporphyrin-Containing Coordination Polymer Particles from Seed Structures유봉영
2017-01Novel synthesis of dual-suspended architectures between Si-pillars for enhanced photocatalytic performance유봉영
2018-08A Photoelectrochemical Device with Dynamic interface Energetics: Understanding of Structural and Physical Specificities and Improvement of Performance and Stability유봉영
2008-06Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of AZ91 Mg Alloy in the Sodium Stannate Electrolyte유봉영
2008-06Recent progress in electrodeposition of thermoelectric thin films and nanostructures유봉영
2018-08Shape Transition and Growth of Co(x)Fe(1-x )Alloy Nanocrystals Synthesized by Electrochemical Deposition유봉영
2008-05Site-Specific Magnetic Assembly of Nanowires for Sensor Arrays Fabrication유봉영
2018-04Spalling of Thin Si Layer via Electroless and Electrodeposit-Assisted Stripping (E(2)AS) with All-Wet Process for Fabrication of Low-Cost Flexible Single-Crystalline Si Solar Cell유봉영
2021-10Study of Cu Electrochemical Polishing Mechanism With Observation of Water Acceptor Diffusion유봉영
2019-07Sulfur-Enhanced Field-Effect Passivation using (NH4)(2)S Surface Treatment for Black Si Solar Cells유봉영
2008-07Synthesis and characterization of cadmium telluride nanowire유봉영
2017-11Synthesis and thermoelectric characterization of bulk-type tellurium nanowire/polymer nanocomposites유봉영
2018-09Synthesis of self-bridged ZnO nanowires and their humidity sensing properties유봉영
2017-12Synthesis of Zirconium-Titanium oxide mixed layers on Ti substrates by plasma electrolytic oxidation and plasma-enhanced electrophoresis유봉영
2016-04Through-silicon-via (TSV) filling by electrodeposition with pulse-reverse current유봉영
2016-09Toward a planar black silicon technology for 50 mu m-thin crystalline silicon solar cells유봉영
2017-10결정질 실리콘 태양전지의 효율개선을 위한 실리콘 역 피라미드 구조체 최적화유봉영
2017-06다이아몬드 분말상에 무전해 Ni-B 도금을 위한 계면활성제의 영향유봉영
2016-11다이아몬드 와이어에 의해 절단된 다결정 실리콘 태양전지의 나노텍스쳐링 및 후속 식각 연구유봉영
2018-08음파전기화학 방식을 이용한 퍼멀로이 나노 시트 합성법 및 자성 특성유봉영