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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-10Identification of Novel Acetylenic Alcohols and a New Dihydrothiopyranone from the Tropical Sponge Reniochalina sp.원호식
2002-01Imine/Oxime 리간드를 이용한 보조효소 F430의 모델착물 합성 및 구조적 특성연구원호식
2018-06Indole Alkaloids from Tropical Sponge Hyrtios sp. as Isocitrate Lyase Inhibitors원호식
2007-12Interaction of ε−L−β−lysine as a Tail Analogy of Tallysomycin-A to a Double Helical DNA Oligonucletide d(CGCTTCGAAGCG)2, was investigated by NMR원호식
2015-10Isolation of Microcystin-LR and Its Potential Function of Ionophore원호식
2002-06Isolation, structure elucidation and physicochemical properties of novel antibiotics polypeptide, ε-(L-β-lysine) polypeptide from streptomyces sp. DWGS2원호식
2003-07Large Solvent and Noise Peak Suppression by Combined SVD-Harr Wavelet Transform원호식
1999-12A new type of 1,2,4-trioxanes structurally related antimalarial artemisinin원호식
2002-06NMR signal assignment of a new quinolone antibiotic substance원호식
2016-06NMR Signal Assignments of Human Adenylate Kinase 1 (hAK1) and its R138A Mutant (hAK1R138A)원호식
2004-06NMR signal assignments of the stereochemical cycloadducts of bicyclolactone via Diels-Alder reaction원호식
2003-07NMR Solvent Peak Suppression by Piecewise polynomial Truncated Singular Value Decomposition Methods원호식
2006-12NMR Studies of Zinc-binding Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone원호식
2000-12Noise suppression in NMR spectrum by using wavelet transform analysis원호식
2000-12Noise suppression of NMR signal by piecewise polynomial truncated singular value decomposition원호식
2001-09-12Noise suppression of NMR spectrum by the shift averaged Harr wavelet transform원호식
2002-08Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of the cycloadducts from 3,5-dibromo-2-pyrone and their synthetic applications towards various mono- and polycyclic compounds원호식
2002-01The pKa shift of the catalytic aspartyl Dyad in the HIV-1 protease complxed with hydroxyethylene inhibitors원호식
2001-09Potentiometric Behavior of the Membrane Electrodes Based on the Model Compound of a Ni-Porphinoid원호식
2016-03Quantitative NMR Analysis of PTMEG compounds원호식
2006-05Quantitative structure-activity relationship of spirosuccinimide type aldose reductase inhibitors diminishing sorbitol accumulation in vivo원호식
2001-04Short peptides with induced β-turn inhibit the interaction between HIV-1 gp120 and CD4원호식
2000-12A short synthesis of (±)-laurene: mechanistic reinvestigation in palladium-catalyzed cycloreduction of 1,6-enynes원호식
2016-09Solution State Structure of P1, the Mimetic Peptide Derived from IgM Antigen Apo B-100 by NMR원호식
2004-12Solution state structure of pB1, the mimotopic peptide of apolipoprotein B-100, by NMR원호식
2020-12The Structural Studies of Biomimetic Peptides P99 Derived from Apo B-100 by NMR원호식
2003-12Study of calcium-alizarin Red S complex by using various spectrometry원호식
2006-10Sulfonylurea is a Non-competitive inhibitor of Acetohydroxyacid Synthase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis원호식
2007-12Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Macrocyclic Model Complexs of Coenzyme F430, Ni(PMO)(PMOH)pn)I and Ni(PEO)(PMOH)pn)I원호식
2017-12Synthesis of α-oximinoketones, Precursor of CO2 Reduction Macrocyclic Coenzyme F430 Model Complexes원호식