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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11Loss of nuclear BAP1 expression is associated with high WHO/ISUP grade in clear cell renal cell carcinoma신수진
2019-06Mesothelin expression and its prognostic role according to microsatellite instability status in colorectal adenocarcinoma신수진
2018-06MET in gastric cancer with liver metastasis: The relationship between MET amplification and Met overexpression in primary stomach tumors and liver metastasis신수진
2012-06Metastatic Carcinomas to the Oral Cavity and Oropharynx신수진
2015-01Mixed carcinoid-mucinous adenocarcinoma arising in mature teratoma of mesentery.신수진
2014-06MMP-9 Expression after Metallic Stent Placement in Patients with Colorectal Cancer: Association with In-Stent Restenosis신수진
2016-02MYC overexpression correlates with MYC amplification or translocation, and is associated with poor prognosis in mantle cell lymphoma신수진
2019-07Mycoplasma infection promotes tumor progression via interaction of the mycoplasmal protein p37 and epithelial cell adhesion molecule in hepatocellular carcinoma신수진
2017-09Non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging for bladder cancer: fused high b value diffusion-weighted imaging and T2-weighted imaging helps evaluate depth of invasion신수진
2016-01Overview of IgG4-related tubulointerstitial nephritis and its mimickers신수진
2017-07PI-RADS Version 2: Detection of Clinically Significant Cancer in Patients With Biopsy Gleason Score 6 Prostate Cancer신수진
2017-06PI-RADS version 2: Preoperative role in the detection of normal-sized pelvic lymph node metastasis in prostate cancer신수진
2017-07PI-RADS version 2: quantitative analysis aids reliable interpretation of diffusion-weighted imaging for prostate cancer신수진
2014-06Positive Expression of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Receptor Is Associated with a Positive Hormone Receptor Status and a Favorable Prognosis in Breast Cancer신수진
2018-10Prognoses and Clinical Outcomes of Primary and Recurrent Uveal Melanoma신수진
2018-10Prognosis of Pancreatic Cancer Patients with Synchronous or Metachronous Malignancies from Other Organs Is Better than Those with Pancreatic Cancer Only신수진
2013-11Prognostic Significance of Absolute Lymphocyte Count/Absolute Monocyte Count Ratio at Diagnosis in Patients with Multiple Myeloma신수진
2017-10Prognostic Significance of Macroscopic Appearance in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma and Its Metastasis-Predicting Model신수진
2017-04Prognostic Significance of the Proportion of Ductal Component in Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate신수진
2017-04Prognostic Significance of Vas Deferens Invasion After Radical Prostatectomy in Patients with Pathological Stage T3b Prostate Cancer신수진
2012-05Recognition of parametrial invasion, an important landmark when treating cervical cancer신수진
2017-03RGS1 expression is associated with poor prognosis in multiple myeloma신수진
2018-09Selective Cytotoxicity of the NAMPT Inhibitor FK866 Toward Gastric Cancer Cells With Markers of the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition, Due to Loss of NAPRT신수진
2018-04Solid Small Renal Mass Without Gross Fat: CT Criteria for Achieving Excellent Positive Predictive Value for Renal Cell Carcinoma신수진
2015-12TCL1 expression predicts overall survival in patients with mantle cell lymphoma신수진
2016-05Tertiary lymphoid structures: prognostic significance and relationship with tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes in triple-negative breast cancer신수진
2016-06Total intraglandular and index tumor volumes predict biochemical recurrence in prostate cancer신수진
2018-03뇌정맥혈전증으로 오인된 IgG4연관비후경수막염신수진
2017-12분비성 유방암과 유사한 침샘 암종신수진
2021전이금속 촉매를 이용한 엔인알의 고리화 반응 : 금 촉매의 [6,7,6]-삼중고리 코어 합성신수진