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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01Molecular layer deposition of charge-transfer complex thin films with visible-light absorption성명모
2016-02A non-destructive n-doping method for graphene with precise control of electronic properties via atomic layer deposition성명모
2016-08Observation of Charge Separation and Space-Charge Region in Single-Crystal P3HT/C-60 Heterojunction Nanowires성명모
2012-06One-step fabrication of nanowire-grid polarizers using liquid-bridge-mediated nanotransfer molding성명모
2014-08One-Step Fabrication of Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) Nanowire Arrays with Pronounced beta-Phase Using Liquid-Bridge-Mediated Nanotransfer Molding성명모
2011-01One-step micropatterning of highly-ordered semi-crystalline poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) films by a selective shear and detachment process성명모
2012-09Organic-inorganic nanohybrid nonvolatile memory transistors for flexible electronics성명모
2013-07Photoelectrochemical cells by design: 3D nanoporous CdO-CdSe architectures on ITO성명모
2014-01Photovoltaic properties of nanocrystalline SnSe-CdS성명모
2017-05Quantitative Correlation between Carrier Mobility and Intermolecular Center-to-Center Distance in Organic Single Crystals성명모
2019-09Rapid growth of NiSx by atomic layer infiltration and its application as an efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells성명모
2019-06Realization of Spatially Addressable Library by a Novel Combinatorial Approach on Atomic Layer Deposition: A Case Study of Zinc Oxide성명모
2020-01Selective Infiltration in Polymer Hybrid Thin Films as a Gas-Encapsulation Layer for Stretchable Electronics성명모
2016-07Self-assembly of cobalt hexacyanoferrate crystals in 1-D array using ion exchange transformation route for enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of alkaline and neutral water성명모
2011-10Self-organized growth of magnetic nanoporous thin film by alloy anodization성명모
2013-10Single-Crystal Organic Nanowire Electronics by Direct Printing from Molecular Solutions성명모
2014-06Single-Crystal Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Nanowires with Ultrahigh Conductivity성명모
2019-02Single-Crystal Poly[4-(4,4-dihexadecyl-4H-cyclopenta[1,2-b:5,4-b ']dithiophen-2-yl)-alt-[1,2,5]thiadiazolo[3,4-c]pyridine] Nanowires with Ultrahigh Mobility성명모
2012-11Stability-improved organic n-channel thin-film transistors with nm-thin hydrophobic polymer-coated high-k dielectrics성명모
2012-07Structural analysis and dye-sensitized solar cell application of electrodeposited tin oxide nanoparticles성명모
2018-09Ultra Gas-Proof Polymer Hybrid Thin Layer성명모
2013-12Uniform bipolar organic memory using vapor phase polymerized poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)성명모
2017-01UV-enhanced atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 thin films at low temperature for gas- diffusion barriers성명모
2017-07Wafer-scale single-crystal perovskite patterned thin films based on geometrically-confined lateral crystal growth성명모
2015-11Wafer-scale single-domain-like graphene by defect-selective atomic layer deposition of hexagonal ZnO성명모
2019-04ZnO composite nanolayer with mobility edge quantization for multi-value logic transistors성명모