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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-02Decarburization of High-Carbon Ferromanganese Melts박종진
2003-02Deoxidation Equilibria among Mg, Al and O in Liquid Iron in the Presence of MgO·Al2O3 Spinel박종진
2008-12Effect of ball milling time on microstructure and magnetic properties of Fe-W nanocrystalline composite synthesised by hydrogen reduction and sintering박종진
2002-01Effect of pressing temperature on microstructure and tensile behavior of low carbon steels processed by equal channel angular pressing박종진
2001-05Effect of Repetitive Equal Channel Angular Pressing on Microstructural Stability of Low Carbon Steel박종진
2018-08Effect of silicon on Tin formation in liquid iron박종진
2008-04The Effect of Temperature on Microstructure, Magnetic Properties and Reaction Kinetics of Ni0.5Co0.5Fe2O4 Reduction in Hydrogen Atmosphere박종진
2019-03Ferroalloy Production from Spent Petroleum Catalysts by Reductive Smelting and Selective Oxidation Processes박종진
2008-06Hydrogen Reduction of Fe2O3/WO3 Mixture with Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Fe/W Composite박종진
2015-05In-situ observation on behaviors of CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 complex inclusions at solid-lquid interface of low oxygen special steel박종진
2008-02Low Temperature Isothermal Reduction Kinetics of Fe2O3/NiO Mixed Oxides and Comparative Synthesis of Fe1-xNix Alloys박종진
1999-10Manganese Loss during the Oxygen Refining of High-Carbon Ferromanganese Melts박종진
2008-11Mill Scale for Synthesis of Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-Co Alloys through Gaseous Reduction: Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism박종진
2018-07Nitrogen Solubility in Cast Iron Containing C, Si and Mn박종진
2001-08Nitrogen Solubility in Liquid Manganese and Ferromanganese Alloys박종진
2019-03Production of High-Purity Mo and Fe–Mo Alloys from Recycled Mo Oxide and Mill Scale Through Hydrogen Reduction박종진
2015-11Reassessment of TiN(s) = Ti plus N Equilibration in Liquid Iron박종진
2008-01Recovery of Molybdenum from Spent Acid by Ammonia Gas Neutralization박종진
2015-05Recycling of Petroleum Refinery Catalysts for Ferro-Alloy Production박종진
2007-12Reduction kinetics and mechanisms of NiFe2O4 with synthesis of nanocrystalline Fe-Ni alloy박종진
2008-01Thermal Synthesis of Nanocrystalline (CoxNi1-x)yFe1-y KOVAR Alloy through Gaseous Reduction of Mixed Oxides박종진
2017-08Thermodynamic Interaction between Chromium and Phosphorus in High Cr Containing Liquid Iron박종진
2015-05Thermodynamic Interaction between Chromium and Sulfur in High Cr Containing Liquid Iron박종진
2008-04Thermodynamic Interactions of Nb and Mo on Ti in Liquid Iron박종진
2008-01Thermodynamic Relation between Aluminum and Titanium in Liquid iron박종진
2004-07A Thermodynamic Study on the Inclusion Formation in Ferritic Stainless Steel Melt박종진
2007-07Thermodynamics of Aluminum, Nitrogen and AlN formation in Liquid Iron박종진
2003-02Thermodynamics of Carbon in Liquid Manganese and Ferromanganese Alloys박종진
2016-04Thermodynamics of Nitrogen in Fe-Mn-Al-Si-C Alloy Melts박종진
2017-10Thermodynamics of Nitrogen Solubility and AlN Formation in Multi-Component High Mn Steel Melts박종진