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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03Cflarb complemented the function of cflara to allow cflara knock out zebrafish to normal development김철근
2012-03Chromatin structure of the LCR in the human beta-globin locus transcribing the adult delta- and beta-globin genes김철근
2019-02Continuous Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Whole Blood Using a Slanted Weir Microfluidic Device김철근
2014-10Cytokeratin 19 Induced by HER2/ERK Binds and Stabilizes HER2 on Cell Membranes김철근
2015-07Cytokeratin19 induced by HER2/ERK binds and stabilizes HER2 on cell membranes김철근
2012-12Detection and quantification of a radiation-associated mitochondrial DNA deletion by a nested real-time PCR in human peripheral lymphocytes김철근
2019-11Development of MEL Cell-Derived Allograft Mouse Model for Cancer Research김철근
2017-02Diagnostic and prognostic relevance of CP2c and YY1 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma김철근
2011-09The distinctive roles of erythroid specific activator GATA-1 and NF-E2 in transcription of the human fetal c-globin genes김철근
2011-05The distinctive roles of erythroid specific activator GATA-1 and NF-E2 in transcription of the human fetal gamma-globin genes김철근
2013-10A DNA immunoprecipitation assay used in quantitative detection of in vitro DNA-protein complex binding김철근
2020-07Drug discovery targeting the disorder-to-order transition regions through the conformational diversity mimicking and statistical analysis김철근
2012-05Efficient enhancement of lentiviral transduction efficiency in murine spermatogonial stem cells김철근
2020-03A Feedback loop comprising EGF/TGFα Sustains TFCP2-mediated Breast Cancer Progression김철근
2016-02Identification of RNA-Binding Proteins by RNA Ligand-based cDNA Expression Library Screening김철근
2014-11An intracellular antifreeze protein from an Antarctic microalga that responds to various environmental stresses김철근
2014-06Intrinsically disordered fold of a PIAS1-binding domain of CP2b김철근
2014-01Lentiviral modification of enriched populations of bovine male gonocytes김철근
2013-08Meeting report: Frontiers in genetics: genomics and epigenomics김철근
2020-05MMTR/Dmap1 Sets the Stage for Early Lineage Commitment of Embryonic Stem Cells by Crosstalk with PcG Proteins김철근
2015-11Necrosis inhibitor-5 (NecroX-5), attenuates MPTP-induced motor deficits in a zebrafish model of Parkinson's disease김철근
2014-12Production of Transgenic Spermatozoa by Lentiviral Transduction and Transplantation of Porcine Spermatogonial Stem Cells김철근
2012-02Protein kinase C delta negatively regulates Notch1-dependent transcription via a kinase-independent mechanism in vitro김철근
2019-11Rational discovery of antimetastatic agents targeting the intrinsically disordered region of MBD2김철근
2016-08Reciprocal localization of transcription factors YY1 and CP2c in spermatogonial stem cells and their putative roles during spermatogenesis김철근
2014-06Staufen1-mediated mRNA decay induces Requiem mRNA decay through binding of Staufen1 to the Requiem 3'UTR김철근
2018-12Structural assessment of the tetramerization domain and DNA-binding domain of CP2c김철근
2019-03Structural characterization of the putative DNA-binding domain of CP2c and its relevance to zinc binding김철근