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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01Pose Estimation and Detection for Event Recognition using Sense-Aware Features and Adaboost Classifier김기범
2020-12Remote Virtual Showdown김기범
2020-03RGB-D Images for Object Segmentation, Localization and Recognition in Indoor Scenes using Feature Descriptor and Hough Voting김기범
2021-01RGB-D Images for Objects Recognition using 3D Point Clouds and RANSAC Plane Fitting김기범
2021-02Robust Active Shape Model via Hierarchical Feature Extraction with SFS-Optimized Convolution Neural Network for Invariant Human Age Classification김기범
2021-02Scene Semantic Recognition Based on Modified Fuzzy C-Mean and Maximum Entropy Using Object-to-Object Relations김기범
2021-07Semantic Recognition of Human-Object Interactions via Gaussian-Based Elliptical Modeling and Pixel-Level Labeling김기범
2019-08Sensors Technologies for Human Activity Analysis Based on SVM Optimized by PSO Algorithm김기범
2020-03Statistical Multi-Objects Segmentation for Indoor/Outdoor Scene Detection and Classification via Depth Images김기범
2020-10Stochastic Recognition of Physical Activity and Healthcare Using Tri-Axial Inertial Wearable Sensors김기범
2021-02Stochastic Remote Sensing Event Classification over Adaptive Posture Estimation via Multifused Data and Deep Belief Network김기범
2020-11A Study of Accelerometer and Gyroscope Measurements in Physical Life-Log Activities Detection Systems김기범
2020-12Sustainable Wearable System: Human Behavior Modeling for Life-Logging Activities Using K-Ary Tree Hashing Classifier김기범
2021-11Syntactic model-based human body 3D reconstruction and event classification via association based features mining and deep learning김기범
2021-06A Systematic Deep Learning Based Overhead Tracking and Counting System Using RGB-D Remote Cameras김기범
2020-10Telemonitoring of Daily Activity Using Accelerometer and Gyroscope in Smart Home Environments김기범
2017-06User study of VR basic controller and data glove as hand gesture inputs in VR games김기범
2019-11Vision-Based Human Activity Recognition System Using Depth Silhouettes: A Smart Home System for Monitoring the Residents김기범
2017-06Visual Representation of Gesture Interaction Feedback in Virtual Reality Games김기범
2020-05Wearable Inertial Sensors for Daily Activity Analysis Based on Adam Optimization and the Maximum Entropy Markov Model김기범
2021-01Wearable Sensors based Exertion Recognition using Statistical Features and Random Forest for Physical Healthcare Monitoring김기범
2019-12WHITE STAG model: wise human interaction tracking and estimation (WHITE) using spatio-temporal and angular-geometric (STAG) descriptors김기범
2019-07A Wrist Worn Acceleration Based Human Motion Analysis and Classification for Ambient Smart Home System김기범
2019-02라보를 응용한 골판지 게임 컨트롤러김기범
2020-02마이크로비트를 활용한 게임 기반 아동용 학습시스템김기범
2010-02버퍼 기반 트래픽 발생기를 이용한 온칩 인터커넥트 IP 성능 평가김기범
2020-02인간과 컴퓨터 시스템 설계- 산책을 통해 유대관계를 돕는 반려인과 반려동물의 인터렉션 디자인 : 마이 크로비트를 이용한 디자인김기범
2017-02자율주행차의 운행자 책임에 관한 연구김기범
2010-02칩 면적 최적화를 위한 크로스토크 방지 기술에 대한 연구김기범