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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02Energy efficiency enhancement of electromembrane desalination systems by local flow redistribution optimized for the asymmetry of cation/anion diffusivity곽노균
2016-05Enhanced Salt Removal by Unipolar Ion Conduction in Ion Concentration Polarization Desalination곽노균
2019-03Generation of Solvent-Free 3D Lipid Structure Arrays on High Aspect Ratio Si Microwell Substrate곽노균
2018-05Half-Cell Ion Concentration Polarization on Nafion-Coated Electrode곽노균
2018-09High-ionic-strength pre-concentration via ion concentration polarization for blood-based biofluids곽노균
2016-04Isolation of extracellular vesicle from blood plasma using electrophoretic migration through porous membrane곽노균
2017-02Merging Ion Concentration Polarization between Juxtaposed Ion Exchange Membranes to Block the Propagation of the Polarization Zone곽노균
2016-05Microfluidic paper-based biomolecule preconcentrator based on ion concentration polarization곽노균
2020-03Microscale electrodeionization: In situ concentration profiling and flow visualization곽노균
2013-01Microscale electrodialysis: Concentration profiling and vortex visualization곽노균
2012-09Multi-vortical flow inducing electrokinetic instability in ion concentration polarization layer곽노균
2017-01Nanopore Sensing in Aqueous Two-Phase System: Simultaneous Enhancement of Signal and Translocation Time via Conformal Coating곽노균
2019-05Nonlinear dynamics of ion concentration polarization in capacitive deionization곽노균
2015-12Paper-Based Flow Fractionation System Applicable to Preconcentration and Field-Flow Separation곽노균
2017-05Partially Cured Photopolymer with Gradient Bingham Plastic Behaviors as a Versatile Deformable Material곽노균
2020-04Pattern Formation of Three-Dimensional Electroconvection on a Charge Selective Surface곽노균
2016-08Purification of High Salinity Brine by Multi-Stage Ion Concentration Polarization Desalination곽노균
2013-03Shear Flow of an Electrically Charged Fluid by Ion Concentration Polarization: Scaling Laws for Electroconvective Vortices곽노균
2017-01Sheltering the perturbed vortical layer of electroconvection under shear flow곽노균
2020-01Simultaneous electric production and sizing of emulsion droplets in microfluidics곽노균
2015-12Spatiotemporally Defining Biomolecule Preconcentration by Merging Ion Concentration Polarization곽노균