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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-03Application of the Extended Grunwald-Winstein Equation to Solvolyses of n-Propyl Chloroformate경진범
2008-09Application of the extended Grunwald-Winstein equation to solvolyses of n-propyl fluoroformate and a consideration of leaving group effects경진범
2001-12Bridgehead 유도체들의 반응성 연구경진범
2005-05Correlation of the Rates of Solvolyses of Carbomethoxybenzyl Bromides Using the Grunwald-Winstein equation경진범
2007-04Correlation of the Rates of Solvolysis of Isopropyl Fluoroformate Using the Extended Grunwald-Winstein Equation경진범
2000-06Dual Pathways in the Solvolyses of Isopropyl Chloroformate경진범
2009-01Effects of Crosslinking Agent and Flame Retardant on the Dielectric Properties of Poly(phenylene ether)-based Polymer Substrate Material경진범
2007-05Fast and sensitive trace analysis of malachite green using a surface-enhanced Raman microfluidic sensor경진범
2001-04GC-MS characterization of urinary metabolites and changes of ethisterone and testosterone profile after oral administration of danazol in equine경진범
2007-04Intramolecular nucleophilic assistance in the solvolyses of benzyl derivatives: solvolyses of o-nitrobenzyl bromide and tosylate경진범
2001-11Kinetic Study of α-Bromo-o-toluic Acid Using Raman Spectroscopy경진범
2005-05A Kinetic Study of the Solvolyses of Methyl and Ethyl Chloroglyoxalates경진범
2004-12Kinetics of Acrylamide Solution Polymerization Using Potassium Persulfate as an Initiator by in situ IR경진범
2004-12Methyl 4-(Bromomethyl)Benzoate의 가용매 분해반응경진범
2000-12Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction of p-Nitrobenzyl Chloroformate경진범
2003-12p-Nitrophenyl Chloroformate의 가에탄올 분해반응에 대한 속도론적 연구경진범
2006-02Rate and product studies in the solvolyses of N,N-dimethylsulfamoyl and 2-propanesulfonyl chlorides경진범
2006-07Rate and Product studies of solvolyses of benzyl fluoroformate경진범
2007-05Rate and Product Studies with 2-Adamantyl Fluoroformate under Solvolytic Conditions경진범
2000-12Rate and Product Studies with Benzyl and p-Nitrobenzyl Chloroformate under Solvolytic Conditions경진범
2003-05Reaction Mechanism for the Hydrolysis of Titanium Alkoxides경진범
2003-03Solvolysis-Decomposition of 2-Adamantyl Chloroformate: Evidence for Two Reaction Pathways경진범
2002-11A Study of Solvolyses of ortho- and para Carboxybenzyl Bromides Using the Extended Grunwald-Winstein Equation경진범
2005-04Ultra-sensitive trace analysis of cyanide water pollutant in a PDMS microfluidic channal using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy경진범
2007-12다이사이클로펜타다이에닐 비스페놀 시아네이트 에스터와 폴리페닐렌에테르를 이용한 저유전손실 고분자 기판 소재경진범
2002-09알파-Bromo-para Toluic Acid의 친핵치환반응에 대한 연구경진범
2008-06자동적정법에 의한 Benzoyloxybenzyl Bromides의 친핵성 치환반응에 대한 연구경진범
2000-02피리딘 치환체와 2-bromoacetophenone과의 반응에 대한 속도론적 연구경진범
2000-02한양대학교(안산 캠퍼스) 주변 담수호의 수질분석경진범