Analysis of 《Burning Gandha》 for Solo Flute and Real-time Electronics

Analysis of 《Burning Gandha》 for Solo Flute and Real-time Electronics
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플루트 솔로와 실시간 전자음악을 위한 작품 「Burning Gandha」의 분석
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JIN, Chengjun
Richard Dudas
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Analysis of 《Burning Gandha》 for Solo Flute and Real-time Electronics Chengjun JIN Dept. of Music The Graduate School Hanyang University The topic of this thesis is the analysis of《Burning Gandha》, a composition for solo flute with live electronics in real-time. The analysis of this composition can be broken down into five areas of study: extra-musical ideas, structural analysis, analysis of contemporary extended techniques used in the composition, melodic and rhythmic musical material, and the use of real-time electronics in combination with the instrument. The analysis shows that clear structural outlines are presented in the musical form which relates to the composer’s ideas about the process of burning incense. The piece is divided into three main musical sections based on the three stages of this process: burning incense, atmosphere of relaxation and termination of burning incense. The modern extended techniques for flute and the real-time processing techniques are employed for a wider diversity of musical timbres, while the melodies and rhythms draw from a variety of personal influences. The analysis presents a musical interpretation about burning incense which is an activity in the composer’s daily life. The analysis discusses how the composer musically expresses the idea of burning incense through the use of real-time audio processing with a live instrument, along with a discussion of what electronic effects were used and how they were musically applied.
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