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2012-02Auditory adaptation to sound intensity in conscious rats: 2-[F-18]-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose PET study장동표; Lee, Kyoung Min; Lee, Sang-Yoon; Oh, Jin-Hwan; Park, Chan-Woong; Kim, Young-Bo; Cho, Zang-Hee; Jang, Dong Pyo; Kim, In Young; 이경민; 이상윤; 오진환; 박찬웅; 김영보; 조장희; 장동표; 김인영
2011-10Involvement of the anterior thalamic radiation in boys with high functioning autism spectrum disorders: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging study장동표; Cheon, Keun-Ah; Kim, Young-Shin; Oh, Se-Hong; Park, Sung-Yeon; Yoon, Hyo-Woon; Herrington, John; Nair, Aarti; Koh, Yun-Joo; Jang, Dong-Pyo; Kim, Young-Bo