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2012-04Biphasic Stress Response in the Soleus during Reloading after Hind Limb Unloading김종희; LAWLER, JOHN M.; KWAK, HYO-BUM; KIM, JONG-HEE; LEE, YANG; HORD, JEFFREY M.; MARTINEZ, DANIEL A.
2012-04Myosin light chain 3f attenuates age-induced decline in contractile velocity in MHC type II single muscle fibers김종희; Kim, Jong-Hee; Torgerud, Windy S.; Mosser, Kelsey H. H.; Hirai, Hiroyuki; Watanabe, Shuichi; Asakura, Atsushi; Thompson, LaDora V.
2011-07A continuum of myofibers in adult rabbit extraocular muscle: force, shortening velocity, and patterns of myosin heavy chain colocalization김종희; McLoon, Linda K.; Park, Han Na; Kim, Jong-Hee; Pedrosa-Domellof, Fatima; Thompson, LaDora V.