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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Science and Engineering Majors in the Federal Service: Lessons for Eliminating Sexual and Racial Inequality오성수; 오성수; Oh, Seong Soo; Kim, Jungbu
2015-01Confidence, knowledge, and compliance with emergency evacuation오성수; Oh, Seong Soo; Kim, Jungbu
2016-01Local Managerial Strategies for External Versus Own Source Fiscal Resources: Do Administrators' Previous Career and Education Matter?오성수; Kim, Jungbu; Oh, Seong Soo
2016-03Evaluation Bias or Reward Bias? Performance Appraisals and Gender and Racial Disparities in Federal Career Success오성수; Oh, Seong Soo; Lewis, Gregory B.; Kim, Jungbu; 오성수; 그레고리 루이스; 김정부