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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Hydrogen Bonding-Mediated Phase Transition of Polystyrene and Polyhydroxystyrene Bottlebrush Block Copolymers with Polyethylene Glycol강영종
2019-04A Study of the Wettability of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films on Flat and Textured Si Substrates이휘건
2019-04Improved Field Emission of Three-Dimensional Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Networks Suspended Between ZnO Nanorods이휘건
2019-04Total Synthesis of Lophirone F Hexamethyl Ether오창호
2019-04Formation and Structure of Highly Ordered Self-Assembled Monolayers by Adsorption of Acetyl-Protected Conjugated Thiols on Au(111) in Tetrabutylammonium Cyanide Solution노재근
2019-04Negative Thermal Effects on the Structural Order of Methoxy-terminated Mono(Ethylene Glycol) Ethanethiol Self-assembled Monolayers on Au(111)노재근
2019-05Water-Resistant AgBiS2 Colloidal Nanocrystal Solids for Eco-friendly Thin Film Photovoltaics최효성
2019-03Development of a ssDNA aptamer system with reduced graphene oxide (rGO) to detect nonylphenol ethoxylate in domestic detergent윤문영
2019-04Pressure-induced fluorescence enhancement of FA(alpha)PbBr(2+alpha) composite perovskites강영종
2019-02Palladium-Catalyzed Regioselective Synthesis of 1-Hydroxycarbazoles Under Aerobic Conditions윤소원
2019-02Single-Crystal Poly[4-(4,4-dihexadecyl-4H-cyclopenta[1,2-b:5,4-b ']dithiophen-2-yl)-alt-[1,2,5]thiadiazolo[3,4-c]pyridine] Nanowires with Ultrahigh Mobility성명모
2019-02Single-Crystal Poly[4-(4,4-dihexadecyl-4H-cyclopenta[1,2-b:5,4-b ']dithiophen-2-yl)-alt-[1,2,5]thiadiazolo[3,4-c]pyridine] Nanowires with Ultrahigh Mobility강영종
2019-01New Fused Pyrrolopyridine-Based Copolymers for Organic Solar Cell최효성
2019-03Oxygen annealing of the ZnO nanoparticle layer for the high-performance PbS colloidal quantum-dot photovoltaics이휘건
2019-03Construction of non-canonical PAM-targeting adenosine base editors by restriction enzyme-free DNA cloning using CRISPR-Cas9배상수
2019-01Organocatalytic Oxidative Functionalizations of Alkynes신승훈
2017-01Novel synthesis of dual-suspended architectures between Si-pillars for enhanced photocatalytic performance이해원
2017-01Cas-analyzer: an online tool for assessing genome editing results using NGS data배상수
2017-01Determination of stannous chloride and stannic bromide speciation in concentrated Cl- and Br- media by cyclic voltammetry장진호
2017-01UV-enhanced atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 thin films at low temperature for gas- diffusion barriers성명모