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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01Synthesis, Characterization and Optoelectronic Properties of Benzodithiophene Based Copolymers for Application in Solar Cells강영종
2016-01Creating Patterned Conjugated Polymer Images Using Water Compatible Reactive Inkjet Printing강영종
2016-01Development of inhibitory ssDNA aptamers for the FtsZ cell division protein from citrus canker phytopathogen윤문영
2016-01A 3D networked polydiacetylene sensor for enhanced sensitivity이해원
2016-01Bio-inspired Noble Metal-Free Nanomaterials Approaching Platinum Performances for H2 Evolution and UptakeTran Dinh Phong
2016-01Enhancing Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution by Nickel Salicylaldimine Complexes with Alkali Metal Cations in Aqueous MediaTran, Phong Dinh
2016-01Thermal curing of a self-assembled monolayer at the nanoscale노재근
2016-01Capillarity-induced selective ex-situ synthesis of metal-organic framework inside mesoporous nanotubes손대원
2016-01Carbon fiber cloth-supported Au nanodendrites as a rugged surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate and electrochemical sensing platform정회일
2016-01Site-directed mutagenesis in Petunia x hybrida protoplast system using direct delivery of purified recombinant Cas9 ribonucleoproteins배상수
2016-01Feasibility for non-destructive discrimination of natural and beryllium-diffused sapphires using Raman spectroscopy정회일
2016-01Deprotonated curcumin as a simple and quick available natural dye for dye sensitized solar cells한진욱
2016-01Photocatalytic oxidation activities of TiO2 nanorod arrays: A surface spectroscopic analysis (vol 180, pg 480, 2015)윤태현
2015-12A novel peptide-based recognition probe for the sensitive detection of CD44 on breast cancer stem cells윤문영
2015-12Influence of electron-donating and accepting functionalization of fullerene-based photosensitizers on the charge-generation efficiency of polymer composites김낙중
2015-12Regiochemistry-Directed Syntheses of Polyhydroxylated Alkaloids from Chiral Aziridines조천규
2015-12Structural defects and electronic structure of N-ion implanted TiO2: Bulk versus thin filmBukhvalov, Danil
2015-12High-Performance Solution-Processed Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cells based on Selenophene-Containing Perylene Bisimide Acceptor최효성
2015-12Cas-Designer: a web-based tool for choice of CRISPR-Cas9 target sites배상수
2015-12Enhanced Chemical Stability of ZnO Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Ru Dyes Containing Limited Acidic Anchor Group김낙중