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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11c-Jun N-terminal kinase has a pivotal role in the maintenance of self-renewal and tumorigenicity in glioma stem-like cells이수재
2014-11Calcineurin differentially functions in innate immune response of Caenorhabditis elegans fed with grampositive or gram-negative bacteria안주홍
2011-02Calcineurin may regulate multiple endocytic processes in C. elegans안주홍
2015-05Can the algicidal material Ca-aminoclay be harmful when applied to a natural ecosystem? An assessment using microcosms한명수
2012-03Cancer stem-like cells persist in established cell lines through autocrine activation of EGFR signaling이수재
2014-07CD137-inducing factors from T cells and macrophages accelerate the destabilization of atherosclerotic plaques in hyperlipidemic mice최재훈
2011-10CD24 enhances DNA damage-induced apoptosis by modulating NF-kappa B signaling in CD44-expressing breast cancer cells신인철
2012-11CD24 regulates cell proliferation and transforming growth factor beta-induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition through modulation of integrin beta 1 stability신인철
2014-09CD24 regulates stemness and the epithelial to mesenchymal transition through modulation of Notch1 mRNA stability by p38MAPK신인철
2015-09CD44 regulates cell proliferation, migration, and invasion via modulation of c-Src transcription in human breast cancer cells신인철
2012-03The CD49d(+/high) subpopulation from isolated human breast sarcoma spheres possesses tumor-initiating ability신인철
2011-08The CDG1 Kinase Mediates Brassinosteroid Signal Transduction from BRI1 Receptor Kinase to BSU1 Phosphatase and GSK3-like Kinase BIN2김태욱
2013-02Cdk1 Protein-mediated Phosphorylation of Receptor-associated Protein 80 (RAP80) Serine 677 Modulates DNA Damage-induced G(2)/M Checkpoint and Cell Survival최제민
2014-12Cell membrane penetrating function of the nuclear localization sequence in human cytokine IL-1 alpha최제민
2012-05Cell permeable NFAT inhibitory peptide Sim-2-VIVIT inhibits T-cell activation and alleviates allergic airway inflammation and hyper-responsiveness최제민
2016-05Cell Type Preference of a Novel Human Derived Cell-Permeable Peptide dNP2 and TAT in Murine Splenic Immune Cells최제민
2012-12Centella asiatica protects against UVB-induced HaCaT keratinocyte damage through microRNA expression changes이수재
2017-01Changes in aquaporin 5 in the non-ciliated cells of mouse oviduct according to sexual maturation and oestrous cycle계명찬
2016-07Changes in Inflammatory Cytokines Accompany Deregulation of Claudin-11, Resulting in Inter-Sertoli Tight Junctions in Varicocele Rat Testes계명찬