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2015-08All oxide semiconductor-based bidirectional vertical p-n-p selectors for 3D stackable crossbar-array electronics홍진표; Bae, Yoon Cheol; Lee, Ah Rahm; Baek, Gwang Ho; Chung, Je Bock; Kim, Tae Yoon; Park, Jea Gun; Hong, Jin Pyo
2015-02Correlation between Pd metal thickness and thermally stable perpendicular magnetic anisotropy features in [Co/Pd]n multilayers at annealing temperatures up to 500℃홍진표; An, Gwang Guk; Lee, Ja Bin; Yang, Seung Mo; Kim, Jae Hong; Chung, Woo Seong; Yoon, Kap Soo; Hong, Jin Pyo
2015-01Highly stable perpendicular magnetic anisotropies of CoFeB/MgO frames employing W buffer and capping layers홍진표; An, Gwang-Guk; Lee, Ja-Bin; Yang, Seung-Mo; Kim, Jae-Hong; Chung, Woo-Seong; Hong, Jin-Pyo
2015-01Triboeelectric energy harvester based on wearable texitile plateforms employing various surface morphologies홍진표; Lee, Sanghyo; Ko, Wonbae; Oh, Yujin; Lee, Jongsun; Baek, Gwangho; Lee, Younhee; Sohn, Junginn; Cha, Seungnam; Kim, Jongmin; Park, Jeagun; Hong, Jinpyo
2015-04Enhanced structural and electrical features of amorphous InGaZnO thin film transistors via a heavy Kr gas process홍진표; Kim, Tae Yoon; Kang, Tae Sung; Hong, Jin Pyo
2015-03Correlative analysis of conducting filament distribution at interfaces and bias-dependent noise sources in TiN/TiOx/Pt and Pt/TiOx/TiOy/Pt bipolar resistive switching frames홍진표; Kim, Joo Hyung; Bae, Yoon Cheol; Lee, Ah Rahm; Baek, Kwang Ho; Hong, Jin Pyo
2015-05Impact of graphene and single-layer BN insertion on bipolar resistive switching characteristics in tungsten oxide resistive memory홍진표; Kim, Jongmin; Kim, Duhwan; Jo, Yongcheol; Han, Jaeseok; Woo, Hyeonseok; Kim, Hyungsang; Kim, K. K.; Hong, J. P.; Im, Hyunsik
2015-06Structural and Luminescence Features of Lithium-Doped p-Type Film-Like ZnO Nanorods홍진표; Ko, Wonbae; Lee, Sanghyo; Hong, Jin Pyo
2015-05Synthesis and enhanced electrochemical supercapacitive properties of manganese oxide nanoflake electrodes홍진표; Inamdar, A. I.; Jo, Y.; Kim, J.; Han, J.; Pawar, S. M.; Kalubarme, R. S.; Park, C. J.; Hong, J. P.; Park, Y. S.; Jung, W.
2015-07Nanoscale CuO solid-electrolyte-based conductive-bridging-random-access-memory cell operating multi-level-cell and 1selector1resistor홍진표; Kwon, Kyoung-Cheol; Song, Myung-Jin; Kwon, Ki-Hyun; Jeoung, Han-Vit; Kim, Dong-Won; Lee, Gon-Sub; Hong, Jin-Pyo; Park, Jea-Gun