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2015-07Extraction spectrophotometric determination of rhodium(III) with o-methylphenyl thiourea한성환; Shelar, Y. S.; Kuchekar, S. R.; Han, S. H.
2015-07Bio-green synthesis of Ni-doped tin oxide nanoparticles and its influence on gas sensing properties한성환; Gattu, Ketan P.; Ghule, Kalyani; Kashale, Anil A.; Patil, V.B.; Phase, D.M.; Mane, R.S.; Han, S.H.; Sharma, Ramphal; Ghule, Anil Vithal
2015-07Selective determination of selenium(IV) from environmental samples by UV-visible spectrophotometry using O-methoxyphenyl thiourea as a chelating ligand한성환; Kuchekar, Shashikant R.; Naval, Ramesh M.; Han, Sung H.
2015-07Liquid-liquid anion exchange extraction studies of samarium(III) from salicylate media using high molecular weight amine한성환; Mandhare, Aniruddha M.; Han, Sung-H; Anuse, Mansing A.; Kolekar, Sanjay S.
2015-05Morphology-inspired low-temperature liquefied petroleum gas sensors of indium oxide한성환; Jadhav, Vijaykumar V.; Shinde, Dipak V.; Patil, Supriya A.; Liu, Shude; Mutkule, Sandesh U.; Naushad, Mu.; Mane, Rajaram S.; Hui, K. N.; Han, Sung-Hwan
2015-06Revisiting Metal Sulfide Semiconductors: A Solution-Based General Protocol for Thin Film Formation, Hall Effect Measurement, and Application Prospects한성환; Shinde, Dipak V.; Patil, Supriya A.; Cho, Keumnam; Ahn, Do Young; Shrestha, Nabeen K.; Mane, Rajaram S.; Lee, Joong Kee; Han, Sung-Hwan
2015-05Interfacial Engineering of CdO-CdSe 3D Microarchitectures with insitu Photopolymerized PEDOT for an Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance한성환; Lim, Iseul; Shinde, Dipak V.; Patil, Supriya A.; Ahn, Do Young; Lee, Wonjoo; Shrestha, Nabeen K.; Lee, Joong Kee; Han, Sung-Hwan
2015-07Indolocarbazole based small molecules: an efficient hole transporting material for perovskite solar cells한성환; Lim, Iseul; Kim, Eun-Kyung; Patil, Supriya A.; Ahn, Do Young; Lee, Wonjoo; Shrestha, Nabeen K.; Lee, Joong Kee; Seok, Won K.; Cho, Cheon-Gyu; Han, Sung-Hwan
2015-07Diameter-dependent electrochemical supercapacitive properties of anodized titanium oxide nanotubes한성환; Al-Osta, Ahmed; Jadhav, Vijaykumar V.; Saad, Nabil A.; Mane, Rajaram S.; Naushad, Mu.; Hui, K.N.; Han, Sung-Hwan
2015-01An Ion exchange mediated shape-preserving strategy for architecting 1-D arrays of porous CoS1.0365 nanorods for electrocatalytic reduction of triiodide한성환; Patil, Supriya A.; Shinde, Dipak V.; Lim, Iseul; Cho, Keumnam; Bhande, Sambhaji S.; Mane, Rajaram S.; Shrestha, Nabeen K.; Lee, Joong Kee; Yoon, Tae Hyun; Han, Sung-Hwan