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2015-08Toehold-mediated DNA displacement-based surface-enhanced Raman scattering DNA sensor utilizing an Au-Ag bimetallic nanodendrite substrate정회일; Kim, Saetbyeol; Huan, Tran Ngoc; Kim, Joohoon; Yoo, So Young; Chung, Hoeil
2015-01Forest of Pt-Au-Ag tri-metallic nanodendrites as an efficient electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation reaction정회일; Huan, Tran Ngoc; Shinde, Dipak V.; Kim, Saetbyeol; Han, Sung-Hwan; Artero, Vincent; Chung, Hoeil
2015-04Measurement of polyethylene pellets near the glass transition temperature to enhance Raman spectral selectivity among samples and improve accuracy for density determination정회일; Kim, Saetbyeol; Shinzawa, Hideyuki; Chung, Hoeil; Ozaki, Yukihiro
2015-02Understanding the Structural Differences between Spherical and Rod-Shaped Human Insulin Nanoparticles Produced by Supercritical Fluids Precipitation정회일; Park, Yeonju; Seo, Yongil; Chae, Boknam; Pyo, Dongjin; Chung, Hoeil; Hwang, Hyonseok; Jung, Young Mee
2015-05Axially Perpendicular Offset Raman Scheme for Reproducible Measurement of Housed Samples in a Noncircular Container under Variation of Container Orientation정회일; Duy, Pham K.; Chang, Kyeol; Sriphong, Lawan; Chung, Hoeil
2015-08A Au nanoparticle-incorporated sponge as a versatile transmission surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate정회일; Shin, Kayeong; Chung, Hoeil
2015-09Feasibility of infrared spectroscopy for discrimination between gallbladder polyp and gallbladder stone using bile juices정회일; Hwang, Jinyoung; Chung, Hoeil; Lee, Kyeong Geun; Kim, Han Joon; Choi, Dongho
2015-10Kernel-based calibration methods combined with multivariate feature selection to improve accuracy of near-infrared spectroscopic analysis정회일; Lee, Junghye; Chang, Kyeol; Jun, Chi-Hyuck; Cho, Rae-Kwang; Chung, Hoeil; Lee, Hyeseon
2015-11Exploring supervised neighborhood preserving embedding (SNPE) as a nonlinear feature extraction method for vibrational spectroscopic discrimination of agricultural samples according to geographical origins정회일; Lee, Sanguk; Hwang, Jinyoung; Lee, Hyeseon; Chung, Hoeil
2016-01Carbon fiber cloth-supported Au nanodendrites as a rugged surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate and electrochemical sensing platform정회일; Duy, Pham Khac; Yen, Pham Thi Hai; Chun, Seulah; Ha, Vu Thi Thu; Chung, Hoeil