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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08Simple metamaterial structure enabling triple-band perfect absorber이영백; Dung, Nguyen Van; Tung, Bui Son; Khuyen, Bui Xuan; Yoo, Young Joon; Kim, Young Ju; Rhee, Joo Yull; Lam, Vu Dinh; Lee, Young Pak
2015-01Origin of enhanced multiferroic properties in Dy and Co co-doped BiFeO3 ceramics이영백; Yoo, Y.J; Hwang, J.S; Lee, Y.P; Park, J.S; Rhee, J.Y; Lee, K.W; Kang, J.-H; Lee, B.W
2015-02Multiferroic properties of stretchable BiFeO3 nano-composite film이영백; Hwang, J. S.; Cho, J. Y.; Yoo, Y. J.; Yoo, P. S.; Lee, B. W.; Lee, Y. P.; Park, S. Y.
2015-02Dual broadband metamaterial absorber이영백; Kim, Young Ju; Yoo, Young Joon; Kim, Ki Won; Rhee, Joo Yull; Kim, Yong Hwan; Lee, YoungPak
2015-04Characterizations of a thermo-tunable broadband fishnet metamaterial at THz frequencies이영백; Hien, Nguyen Thi; Le, Ly Nguyen; Trang, Pham Thi; Tung, Bui Son; Viet, Ngo Duc; Duyen, Phan Thi; Thang, Nguyen Manh; Lee, Young Pak; Viet, Do Thanh; Lam, Vu Dinh; Tung, Nguyen Thanh
2015-02Triple-band perfect metamaterial absorption, based on single cut-wire bar이영백; 이영백; Lee, Y. P.; Yoo, Y. J.; Kim, Y. J.; Hwang, J. S.; Rhee, J. Y.; Kim, K. W.; Kim, Y. H.; Cheong, H.; Chen, L. Y.
2015-03Perfect and broad absorption by the active control of electric resonance in metamaterial이영백; Dung, N. V.; Tuong, P. V.; Yoo, Y. J.; Kim, Y. J.; Tung, B. S.; Lam, V. D.; Rhee, J. Y.; Kim, K. W.; Kim, Y. H.; Chen, L. Y.; Lee, Y. P.
2015-06Size-efficient metamaterial absorber at low frequencies: Design, fabrication, and characterization이영백; Khuyen, Bui Xuan; Tung, Bui Son; Van Dung, Nguyen; Yoo, Young Joon; Kim, Young Ju; Kim, Ki Won; Lam, Vu Dinh; Yang, Jun Gyu; Lee, YoungPak
2015-09Multi-band near-perfect absorption via the resonance excitation of dark meta-molecules이영백; Tung, Bui Son; Khuyen, Bui Xuan; Dung, Nguyen Van; Lam, Vu Dinh; Kim, Yong Hwan; Cheong, Hyeonsik; Lee, YoungPak
2015-09Metamaterial Absorber for Electromagnetic Waves in Periodic Water Droplets이영백; Yoo, Young Joon; Ju, Sanghyun; Park, Sang Yoon; Kim, Young Ju; Bong, Jihye; Lim, Taekyung; Kim, Ki Won; Rhee, Joo Yull; Lee, YoungPak