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2015-08Growth of p-type ZnTe thin films by using nitrogen doping during pulsed laser deposition김은규; Lee, Kyoung Su; Oh, Gyujin; Kim, Eun Kyu
2015-08Relevant characteristics of undoped GaMnN grown by using molecular beam epitaxy김은규; Lee, J. W.; Shon, Yoon; Subramaniam, N. G.; Park, C. S.; Kim, E. K.; Im, Hyunsik; Kim, H. S.
2015-05Properties of room-temperature ferromagnetic semiconductor in manganese-doped bilayer graphene by chemical vapor deposition김은규; Park, Chang-Soo; Zhao, Yu; Shon, Yoon; Yoon, Im Taek; Lee, Cheol Jin; Song, Jin Dong; Lee, Haigun; Kim, Eun Kyu
2015-06Enhancement of photoluminescence efficiency from semi-polar InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells with silver metal김은규; Lee, Kyoung Su; Lee, Dong Uk; Kim, Eun Kyu
2015-07Structural and optical properties of MoS2 layers grown by successive two-step chemical vapor deposition method김은규; Qiu, Dongri; Lee, Dong Uk; Pak, Sang Woo; Kim, Eun Kyu
2015-05Ferroelectric behavior and reproducible Bi-stable resistance switching property in K-doped ZnO thin films as candidate for application in non-volatile memories김은규; Lee, J. W.; Subramaniam, N. G.; Kang, T. W.; Shon, Yoon; Kim, E. K.
2015-07Stable p-type properties of single walled carbon nanotubes by electrochemical doping김은규; Park, Chang-Soo; Lee, Cheol Jin; Kim, Eun Kyu
2015-07Electrical and optical properties of Si-doped indium tin oxides as transparent electrode and anti-reflection coating for solar cells김은규; Oh, Gyujin; Lee, Kyoung Su; Kim, Eun Kyu
2015-09Electrically Tunable and Negative Schottky Barriers in Multi-layered Graphene/MoS2 Heterostructured Transistors김은규; Qiu, Dongri; Kim, Eun Kyu
2011-06Electrical Characteristics of WSi(2) Nanocrystal Capacitors with Barrier-Engineered High-k Tunnel Layers김은규; Lee, Hyo Jun; Lee, Dong Uk; Kim, Eun Kyu; You, Hee-Wook; Cho, Won-Ju