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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03Assembling graphitic-carbon-nitride with cobalt-oxide-phosphate to construct an efficient hybrid photocatalyst for water splitting applicationTran Dinh Phong
2016-01Bio-inspired Noble Metal-Free Nanomaterials Approaching Platinum Performances for H2 Evolution and UptakeTran Dinh Phong
2012-06Co3O4-Decorated Hematite Nanorods As an Effective Photoanode for Solar Water OxidationTran Dinh Phong
2012-08Copper molybdenum sulfide: a new efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen production from waterTran Dinh Phong
2012-03A cuprous oxide–reduced graphene oxide (Cu2O–rGO) composite photocatalyst for hydrogen generation: employing rGO as an electron acceptor to enhance the photocatalytic activity and stability of Cu2OTran Dinh Phong
2013-11Electrochemical characterization of novel layered Cu2MS4 materials for Li-ion batteries (M = Mo)Tran Dinh Phong
2014-01Electrodeposition of single phase CuInSe2 for solar energy harvesting: Role of different acidic additivesTran Dinh Phong
2014-03Engineering a Cu2O/NiO/Cu2MoS4 hybrid photocathode for H2 generation in waterTran Dinh Phong
2012-07Enhancing the photocatalytic efficiency of TiO2 nanopowders for H2 production by using non-noble transition metal co-catalystsTran Dinh Phong
2013-04From natural to artificial photosynthesisTran Dinh Phong
2012-12Hydrogenase enzymes: Application in biofuel cells and inspiration for the design of noble-metal free catalysts for H2 oxidationTran Dinh Phong
2013-01In situ photo-assisted deposition of MoS2 electrocatalyst onto zinc cadmium sulphide nanoparticle surfaces to construct an efficient photocatalyst for hydrogen generationTran Dinh Phong
2012-10Molecular engineering of a cobalt-based electrocatalytic nanomaterial for H2 evolution under fully aqueous conditionsTran Dinh Phong
2012-09Novel Assembly of an MoS2 Electrocatalyst onto a Silicon Nanowire Array Electrode to Construct a Photocathode Composed of Elements Abundant on the Earth for Hydrogen GenerationTran Dinh Phong
2013-06Novel cobalt/nickel–tungsten-sulfide catalysts for electrocatalytic hydrogen generation from waterTran Dinh Phong
2012-09A novel strategy for surface treatment on hematite photoanode for efficient water oxidationTran Dinh Phong
2012-09Proton reduction to hydrogen in biological and chemical systemsTran Dinh Phong
2012-01Recent advances in hybrid photocatalysts for solar fuel productionTran Dinh Phong
2012-03Surface treatment of hematite photoanodes with zinc acetate for water oxidationTran Dinh Phong