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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-051,3-Dipolar cycloaddition of 4-platinumisochromenyliums with an olefin and tandem insertion into benzylic C-H bonds오창호
2012-04Cationic Gold-Catalyzed Regioselective Hydration of 1-Arylalkynes through Carbonyl Group Participation오창호
2012-10Chemoselective O-Benzylation of the Propargylic Hydroxy Group in Polyols오창호
2018-06Copper-catalyzed tandem reaction of 2-alkynylanilines with benzoquinones: efficient access to 3-indolylquinones오창호
2018-02Cyclopropane Intermediates from Insertion Reactions of Platinum-Carbenes: A Route to Heterospiranes오창호
2013-10A DNA immunoprecipitation assay used in quantitative detection of in vitro DNA-protein complex binding오창호
2011-06Facile Formation of Unexpected [m,6,n]-tricyclic Spiranes via Intramolecular [3+2] Cyclization of Platinum-bound Pyrylium with Alkenes오창호
2016-08A Formal Synthesis of Komaroviquinone: Use of a Pt-Catalyzed Hydrative Cyclization Reaction오창호
2013-06Gold Carbenes from Substituted Propargyl Acetates: Intramolecular Ene-type Reactions to 2-Acetoxynaphthalene Derivatives오창호
2013-02Gold(III)-Catalyzed Intramolecular Furanylation and Cyclopropanation of Acyclic Conjugated Enynones오창호
2013-02Gold-Catalyzed Sequential Activation of Propargylic Carboxylates: A Facile Route to Benzoannulenes오창호
2018-09Gold-catalyzed tandem reaction of 2-alkynylanilines followed by 1,6-conjugate addition to p-quinone methides: efficient access to unsymmetrical diarylindolylmethanes오창호
2018-07Preparation and curing chemistry of ultra-low CTE epoxy composite based on the newly-designed triethoxysilyl-functionalized ortho-cresol novolac epoxy오창호
2017-11Preparation of ultra-low CTE epoxy composite using the new alkoxysilyl-functionalized bisphenol A epoxy resin오창호
2013-05Selective Construction of Aliphatic Polycycles Utilizing Platinum-Catalyzed Cyclization of 2-(Enynyl)cycloalkenals오창호
2017-08Structural and Mechanistic Revision for Gold-catalyzed Sequential Activation of Propargylic Carboxylates오창호
2016-08Syntheses of 2,2'-bibenzo[7]annulenes by double Au-catalyzed sequential activation of propargylic carboxylates오창호
2018-08Synthesis of Monodisperse Naphthalene Dendrons for the Application of Dendrimers오창호
2018-05Synthesis of Primitive Dendrimer Systems Bearing Bicyclo[3,2,0]Hept-6-en-6-yl Groups via Unique Au-catalyzed [2+2] Cyclization오창호
2018-06Synthesis of pyrazolopyrimidinones as sildenafil derivatives and sclerotigenin오창호
2019-04Total Synthesis of Lophirone F Hexamethyl Ether오창호