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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08What is special about prosodic strengthening in Korean: Evidence in lingual movement in V#V and V#CV조태홍; Shin, Seulgi; Kim, Sahyang; Cho, Taehong
2015-08Prosodic strengthening on consonantal nasality and its asymmetric coarticulatory influence on vowel nasalization in CVN# and #NVC in English조태홍; Cho, Taehong; Kim, Daejin; Kim, Sahyang
2015-08Phonetic encoding of coda voicing contrast and its interaction with information structure in L1 and L2 speech조태홍; Choi, Jiyoun; Cho, Taehong; Kim, Sahyang; Baek, Yuna; Jang, Jiyoung
2015-08PHONETIC FOCUS-MARKING IN KOREAN-SPEAKING 7- to 8-YEAR-OLDS AND ADULTS조태홍; Yang, Anqi; Cho, Taehong; Kim, Sahyang; Chen, Aoju
2014-12Articulatory modification of /m/ in the coda and the onset as a function of prosodic boundary strength and focus in Korean조태홍; 김사향; 조태홍; Kim, Sahyang; Cho, Taehong
2016-05Phonetic Encoding of Coda Voicing Contrast under Different Focus Conditions in Li vs. L2 English조태홍; Choi, Jiyoun; Kim, Sahayng; Cho, Taehong