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2015-08Individual differences in phonetic cue use in production and perception of a non-native sound contrast조태홍; Schertz, Jessamyn; Cho, Taehong; Lotto, Andrew; Warner, Natasha
2015-07The Korean Corpus of Spontaneous Speech조성문; Yun, Weonhee; Yoon, Kyuchul; Park, Sunwoo; Lee, Juhee; Cho, Sungmoon; Kang, Ducksoo; Byun, Koonhyuk; Hahn, Hyeseung; Kim, Jungsun
2015-11한·중 매운맛 형용사의 의미 확장 대조 연구김순자; 김순자; Kim, Sun-ja
2015-08What is special about prosodic strengthening in Korean: Evidence in lingual movement in V#V and V#CV조태홍; Shin, Seulgi; Kim, Sahyang; Cho, Taehong
2015-08Phonetic encoding of coda voicing contrast and its interaction with information structure in L1 and L2 speech조태홍; Choi, Jiyoun; Cho, Taehong; Kim, Sahyang; Baek, Yuna; Jang, Jiyoung
2015-08PHONETIC FOCUS-MARKING IN KOREAN-SPEAKING 7- to 8-YEAR-OLDS AND ADULTS조태홍; Yang, Anqi; Cho, Taehong; Kim, Sahyang; Chen, Aoju
2011-10개화기 신문과 잡지 자료의 국어사적 현황과 분류신중진; 신중진
2013-07Compensation for complete assimilation in speech perception: The case of Korean labial-to-velar assimilation조태홍; Mitterer, Holger; Kim, Sahyang; Cho, Taehong
2011-06Perceptual Recovery from Consonant-Cluster Simplification in Korean Using Language-Specific Phonological Knowledge조태홍; Cho, Taehong; McQueen, James M
2016-04What are the letters of speech? Testing the role of phonological specification and phonetic similarity in perceptual learning조태홍; Mitterer, Holger; Cho, Taehong; Kim, Sahyang