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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Characterization of Lignocellulolytic Enzymes from White-Rot FungiKlaus Heese; Heese, Klaus; Manavalan, Tamilvendan; Manavalan, Arulmani
2015-10All-or-(N)One - an epistemological characterization of the human tumorigenic neuronal paralogous FAM72 gene lociKlaus Heese; Kutzner, Arne; Pramanik, Subrata; Kim, Pok-Son; Heese, Klaus
2015-06Ageing, dementia and society - an epistemological perspectiveKlaus Heese; Heese, Klaus
2015-10Proteomics in Traditional Chinese Medicine with an Emphasis on Alzheimer's DiseaseKlaus Heese; Sulistio, Yanuar Alan; Heese, Klaus
2015-06Characterization of a novel endoglucanase from Ganoderma lucidumKlaus Heese; Manavalan, Tamilvendan; Manavalan, Arulmani; Thangavelu, Kalaichelvan P.; Heese, Klaus
2015-11Characterization of a solvent, surfactant and temperaturetolerant laccase from Pleurotus sp. MAK-II and its dye decolorizing propertyKlaus Heese; Manavalan, Arulmani; Manavalan, Tamilvendan; Murugesan, Kumarasamy; Kutzner, Arne; Thangavelu, Kalaichelvan P.; Heese, Klaus