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2015-07Change in clinical features of Korean Crohn's Disease patients following the introduction of an anti-TNF-alpha agent: Results from the CONNECT study한동수; Kim, Y.S.; Bae, S.I.; Ye, B.D.; Im, J.P.; Kim, J.W.; Kim, J.S.; Cheon, J.H.; Kim, Y.H.; Han, D.S.; Kim, W.H.
2015-07Clinical Predictors at Diagnosis for Disabling Crohn's Disease in Korea : Results from the CONNECT Study한동수; Park, J.J.; Park, Y.M.; Choi, C.H.; Jang, H.J.; Kim, Y.S.; Cheon, J.H.; Ye, B.D.; Kim, Y.H.; Kim, J.S.; Han, D.S.
2015-07The Effects of Change in the Intestinal Microbiota Through Antibiotics Administration on the Manifestion of DSS Colitis한동수; Eun, C.S.; Han, D.S.; Lee, A.R.
2015-07Cytokine Expression of Microscopic Colitis Including Interleukin-17한동수; Park, Eunkyoung; Park, Young Sook; Park, Dae Rim; Jung, Sung Ae; Han, Dong Soo; Jang, Byung Ik; Kim, Young Ho; Kim, Won Ho; Jo, Yun Ju; Lee, Ki Ho
2015-07Predictors of Urgent Findings on Abdominopelvic CT in Patients with Crohn's Disease Presenting to the Emergency Department한동수; Jung, Yoon Suk; Park, Dong Il; Hong, Sung Noh; Kim, Eun Ran; Kim, Young Ho; Cheon, Jae Hee; Eun, Chang Soo; Han, Dong Soo; Lee, Chang Kyun; Kim, Jae Hak
2015-07Advanced adenoma detection rate is correlate more with adenoma per colonoscopy than adenoma detection rate한동수; KIM, HYUN-YOUNG; PARK, SOO-KYUNG; LEE, CHANG KYUN; CHA, JAE MYUNG; EUN, CHANG SOO; HAN, DONG SOO; LEE, BO-IN; PARK, DONG IL
2015-07The effects of azathioprine/6-mercaptopurine and TNF-alpha antagonist on surgery in Korean patients with Crohn's disease from the CONNECT cohort한동수; Kim, H.M.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, J.H.; Kim, H.S.; Lee, K.J.; Park, H.J.; Kim, J.W.; Kim, J.S.; Kim, Y.S.; Han, D.S.
2015-07Melatonin treatment modulates intestinal microbiota on DSS colitis한동수; Cho, Sang Woo; Park, Young Sook; Han, Dong Soo; Lee, Areum; Kim, Seong Hwan; Jo, Yun Ju; Jo, Young Kwan; Ahn, Sang Bong; Son, Byoung Kwan; Ha, JungHoon
2015-07Inflammatory Bowel Disease Cohort Studies in Korea: Present and Future.한동수; Lee, Jung Won; Im, Jong Pil; Cheon, Jae Hee; Kim, You Sun; Kim, Joo Sung; Han, Dong Soo
2015-05Diagnostic Coding for Intramucosal Carcinoma and Neuroendocrine Tumor in the Colorectum: Proposal for Avoiding Confusing Coding in Korea한동수; Han, Dong Soo; Sohn, Jin Hee; Byeon, Jeong-Sik; Choi, Hwang; Kim, Joon Mee