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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Clinicopathologic features of rheumatoid nodules: a retrospective analysis백승삼
2019-06Mesothelin expression and its prognostic role according to microsatellite instability status in colorectal adenocarcinoma백승삼
2019-02Mycoplasma infection promotes tumor progression via interaction of the mycoplasmal protein p37 and epithelial cell adhesion molecule in hepatocellular carcinoma백승삼
2019-01The usefulness of the status of extranodal tumor extension as a factor that can predict the recurrence of stage III colorectal cancer백승삼
2019-05Incidence and Mortality of Osteoporotic Fracture in Rheumatoid Arthritis in South Korea Using Nationwide Claims Data성윤경
2019-08Hypertension and Dementia: A comprehensive review from the HOPE Asia Network신진호
2019-07Fimasartan versus Perindopril with and without diuretics in the treatment of elderly patients with essential hypertension (Fimasartan in the Senior Subjects(FITNESS)): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial신진호
2019-05Effect of grape seed proanthocyanidin extract on hard exudates in patients with non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy신용운
2019-09Sleep Assessment During Shift Work in Korean Firefighters: A Cross-Sectional Study장태원
2019-04Characteristics of Caregivers in Disney Animations홍민하
2019-04Alcohol use disorder and health-related quality of life in Korean night-shift workers: A cross-sectional study using the KNHANES 2007-2015 data박보영
2019-07Mycoplasma infection promotes tumor progression via interaction of the mycoplasmal protein p37 and epithelial cell adhesion molecule in hepatocellular carcinoma김미미
2019-04Improvement of Red Blood Cell Maturation In Vitro by serum-free medium optimization류기영
2019-04Prehospital advanced cardiac life support by EMT with a smartphone-based direct medical control for nursing home cardiac arrest김창선
2019-01Factors associated with non-initiation of latent tuberculosis treatment among healthcare workers with a positive interferon-gamma releasing assay박동원
2019-04Learning curve-cumulative summation analysis of visual estimation of left ventricular function in novice practitioners A STROBE-compliant article김창선
2019-04Successful arthroscopic treatment of refractory and complicated popliteal cyst associated with rheumatoid arthritis in combination with osteoarthritis: case series and literature review이진규
2019-04Atorvastatin Rejuvenates Neural Stem Cells Injured by Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation and Induces Neuronal Differentiation Through Activating the PI3K/Akt and ERK Pathways김지영
2019-04Application of acellular human dermis and skin grafts for lower extremity reconstruction황규태