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2015-09Gene and dietary calcium interaction effects on brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity신진호; Choi, SeongIl; Jung, Sukyoung; Kim, Mi Kyung; Shin, Jinho; Shin, Min-Ho; Shin, Dong Hoon; Lee, Young-Hoon; Chun, Byung-Yeol; Hong, Kyung-Won; Hwang, Joo-Yeon
2016-03The cross-sectional relationships of dietary and serum vitamin D with cardiometabolic risk factors: Metabolic components, subclinical atherosclerosis, and arterial stiffness신진호; Kang, Ji Yeon; Kim, Mi Kyung; Jung, Sukyoung; Shin, Jinho; Choi, Bo Youl
2012-01The major determinants of arterial stiffness in Korean patients with rheumatoid arthritis are age and systolic blood pressure, not disease-related factors신진호; Kim, Y. S.; Sung, Y. K.; Choi, C. B.; Uhm, W. S.; Kim, T. H.; Shin, J. H.; Jun, J. B.
2013-12Arterial stiffness, fatty liver and the presence of coronary artery calcium in a large population cohort신진호; Sung, K.C.; Kim, B.J.; Lim, Y.H.; Shin, J.H.; Park, S.; Kang, S.M.; Park, J.B.