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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03WTF와 ITF의 합동시범 프로그램 비교분석:2017년 ‘무주 세계태권도선수권대회’에서의 프로그램을 중심으로이성노
2019-03검도 지도자 유형이 중등부 선수들의 자기효능감 및 경기력에 미치는 영향이성노
2019-02한국과 중국의 전통무예에 관한 인식조사 연구이성노
2016-12The effect of the c677T polymorphism in MTHFR gene on bone phenotypes in Korean vegetarian men오상덕
2016-12Combined Effects of Phytochemicals and Exercise on Fatty Acid Oxidation김종희
2016-12Analysis of Postural Stability in Response to External Perturbation Intensity in Dancers and Non-dancers이성노
2016-09The Development of Rhythmic Balance Training Equipment and its Effect on Performance for Elderly이성노
2011-09Maternal exercise reduces hyperthermia-induced apoptosis in developing mouse brain김성민
2011-06Beadarray analysis of rat skeletal muscle after 4 weeks of resistance exercise오상덕
2016-06청소년 인성교육 프로그램으로 전통무예 택견의 가치 탐색이성노
2016-05Association of spinal deformity and pelvic tilt with gait asymmetry in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients: Investigation of ground reaction force박양선
2013-07Human aortic endothelial cells compare favourably with macrophages for the study of anthrax toxins김성민
2013-01Inactivity, age, and exercise: single-muscle fiber power generation김종희
2012-10복합운동이 비만 중년여성의 신체조성, 혈중 지질변인 및 HOMA-IR과 HOMA β-cell에 미치는 효과김성민
2012-05Differential effects of mild therapeutic exercise during a period of inactivity on power generation in soleus type I single fibers with age김종희
2012-05Amplification of proinflammatory phenotype, damage, and weakness by oxidative stress in the diaphragm muscle of mdx mice김종희
2011-12Endurance and Speed Capacity of the Korea Republic Football National Team During the World Cup of 2010오상덕
2012-07Quantitative analysis of TRP channel genes in mouse organs김성민
2011-11에너지소비량에 따른 유산소 운동이 월경곤란증에 미치는 영향오상덕
2011-12Effect of Resisitance Exercise on Mustn1 mRNA Exercise in Skeletal Muscle of Rat오상덕