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2015-05Evaluation of canola oil oleogels with candelilla wax as an alternative to shortening in baked goods이현규; Jang, Areum; Bae, Woosung; Hwang, Hong-Sik; Lee, Hyeon Gyu; Lee, Suyong
2015-03In vitro starch digestibility of noodles with various cereal flours and hydrocolloids이현규; Jang, Hye Lim; Bae, In Young; Lee, Hyeon Gyu
2015-04과채류 농축액의 항산화 및 상승효과이현규; 정수지; 심희령; 이지수; 남희섭; 이현규; Jeong, Su Ji; Shim, Hee Ryung; Lee, Ji-Soo; Nam, Hee Sop; Lee, Hyeon Gyu
2015-03Extraction optimization and nanoencapsulation of jujube pulp and seed for enhancing antioxidant activity이현규; Han, Hye Jung; Lee, Ji-Soo; Park, Sun-Ah; Ahn, Jun-Bae; Lee, Hyeon Gyu
2015-02Effect of wheat flour addition on retardation of retrogradation in waxy rice cake, Ingeolmi이현규; Kim, Hee-Sun; Kim, Kyung-Mi; Han, Gwi-Jung; Lee, Hyeon-Gyu; Kim, Myung-Hwan
2015-10Microencapsulation of catechin with high loading and encapsulation efficiencies using soaking methods이현규; Kim, Eun Suh; Lee, Ji-Soo; Lee, Hyeon Gyu