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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Triangular Geometrized Sampling Heuristics for Fast Optimal Motion PlanningMannan Saeed Muhammad; Qureshi, Ahmed Hussain; Mumtaz, Saba; Ayaz, Yasar; Hasan, Osman; Muhammad, Mannan Saeed; Mahmood, Muhammad Tariq
2013-07RRT*-SMART: A Rapid Convergence Implementation of RRT*Mannan Saeed Muhammad; NasirNasir, J. J.; IslamIslam, F. F.; MalikMalik, U. U.; AyazAyaz, Y. Y.; HasanHasan, O. O.; KhanKhan, M. M.; MuhammadMuhammad, M.S. M.S.
2012-03Sampling for Shape from Focus in Optical MicroscopyMannan Saeed Muhammad; Muhammad, M.; Choi, T. S.
2013-09Content Based Image Retrieval in aWeb 3.0 EnvironmentMannan Saeed Muhammad; Aun IrtazaAun Irtaza; M. Arfan Jaffar; Mannan Saeed Muhammad
2012-04Using a low pass filter to recover three-dimensional shape from focus in the presence of noiseMannan Saeed Muhammad; Muhammad, Mannan Saeed; Mutahira, Husna; Choi, Tae-Sun
2013-01MRT Letter: Unorthodox Approach Toward Microscopic Shape from Image Focus Using Optical MicroscopyMannan Saeed Muhammad; Mutahira, Husna; Muhammad, Mannan; Saeed Jaffar, Arfan; Choi, Tae-Sun