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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05Queer Communities and Activism in South Korea: Periphery-Center CurrentsYi, Joseph E.
2019-05Governance, Entrepreneurship and Employment Growth in Africa: Does Resource Richness Matter?김성수
2019-03Global IR through dialogue은용수
2019-02Korean media discourse on international educationYi, Joseph E.
2019-02Religions and Politics of Asian Pacific AmericansYi, Joseph E.
2019-02Opening up the debate over 'non-western' international relations은용수
2019-01An Intellectual Confession from a Member of the "Non-White" IR Community: A Friendly Reply to David Lake's "White Man's IR"은용수
2016-12Elusive East Asia: Methodological Suggestions for the Study of East Asian Security은용수
2016-11Cyberwar: Taking Stock of Security and Warfare in the Digital Age은용수
2016-11‘비주류’IR이론과 한국의 국제정치문제: 탈식민주의를 향한 재조명, 탈식민주의를 통한 재구성은용수
2016-1021세기 일본의 대외정보기구 창설 관련 논의동향과 그 함의이상현
2016-10대통령선거의 의제설정과 선거정보: 제18대 대통령선거의 박근혜 후보와 문재인 후보를 중심으로김성수
2016-08민족주의와 지역주의: 동북아 지역통합의 저발전최진우
2016-06Evidence from China and the USA : To what extent is post-positivism ‘practised’ in International Relations?은용수
2016-06가치의 구현과 이익의 실현: ‘규범적 유럽’과 북핵 문제최진우
2016-06Koreans and Foreigners: Public Discourse on Nation and Ethnicity in South KoreaJoseph E. Yi
2012-031960년대의 동아시아 지역주의와 호주외교: ASPAC을 통한 동아시아 관여이상현
2012-10Rethinking Logic of Inference and Explanation in the Field of International Relations은용수
2012-10Why and how should we go for a multicausal analysis in the study of foreign policy? (Meta-)theoretical rationales and methodological rules은용수
2013-06재일동포사회 형성의 역사적 배경과 활동김성수