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2015-06게임전시회의 환경적 단서, 참관객 만족, 브랜드 인지, 혁신 전도성 지식 공유 간 관계: 부산 지스타 2014를 대상으로현성협
2015-06Creating New Relationships Through Tourism: A Qualitative Analysis of Tourist Motivations of Older Individuals in Japan현성협
2016-05Relationships between work values, communication satisfaction, and employee job performance The case of international joint ventures in Iran현성협
2012-08The Role of Physical Stimuli in Enhancing Perceived Food/Service Quality in Restaurants: The Moderating Roles of Psychological Variables현성협
2012-10Vital Predictors of Hotel Guests’ Decision to Engage in Word-of-Mouth Behavior - The Mediating Role of Switching Barriers -현성협
2013-09호텔기업의 서비스품질, 아이덴티티 매력도, 고객-기업일체성, 가격 공정성 지각의 제관계: 기업의 사회적 책임에 대한 조절효과와 함께현성협
2013-05Examining the influence of casino attributes on baby boomers' satisfaction and loyalty in the casino industry현성협
2016-04The Antecedents and Consequences of Travelers' Need for Uniqueness: An Empirical Study of Restaurant Experiences현성협
2016-04Impact of core product quality on sport fans' emotions and behavioral intentions현성협
2014-05컨벤션센터의 모바일 정보품질에 대한 이용자 만족이 컨벤션센터 명품지수 및 후속행동에 미치는 효과 분석현성협