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2015-03Relationships of Perceived Justice to Service Recovery, Service Failure Attributions, Recovery Satisfaction, and Loyalty in the Context of Airline Travelers현성협; Nikbin, Davoud; Marimuthu, Malliga; Hyun, Sunghyup Sean; Ismail, Ishak
2015-04The Role of Airline Travelers' Pre-Recovery Emotions during the Service Recovery Process현성협; Nikbin, Davoud; Iranmanesh, Mohammad; Hyun, Sunghyup Sean; Baharun, Rohaizat; Kim, Insin
2015-11The Determinants of Customers' Behavioral Intentions after Service Failure: The Role of Emotions현성협; Nikbin, Davoud; Hyun, Sunghyup Sean; Baharun, Rohaizat; Tabavar, Ali Asghar