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2013-08Image Congruence and Relationship Quality in Predicting Switching Intention: Conspicuousness of Product Use as a Moderator Variable현성협
2013-09호텔기업의 서비스품질, 아이덴티티 매력도, 고객-기업일체성, 가격 공정성 지각의 제관계: 기업의 사회적 책임에 대한 조절효과와 함께현성협
2013-02Examining Expectations and Acceptable Wait Time of Fast-Food Restaurant Service : A Cross-National Comparison of American and Thai현성협
2013-05Examining the influence of casino attributes on baby boomers' satisfaction and loyalty in the casino industry현성협
2013-10Vital Drivers of Golfer Loyalty to the Screen-Golf Café현성협
2013-06The role of server-patron mutual disclosure in the formation of rapport with and revisit intentions of patrons at full-service restaurants: The moderating roles of marital status and educational level현성협
2013-06The impact of nostalgia triggers on emotional responses and revisit intentions in luxury restaurants: The moderating role of hiatus현성협
2013-10호텔종사자의 직무요구와 직무자원(JD-R), 직무열의,자아효능감 및 업무성과간의 관계연구현성협
2013-03Causal relationships between table game players' perceptions of service quality, perceived winning, and game spending Moderating effects of demographic factors현성협
2013-04Segmentation of Hotel Employees by Occupational Stress and Differences in Demographic Characteristics현성협