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2015-02Mothers’ power assertion; children’s negative, adversarial orientation; and future behavior problems in low-income families: Early maternal responsiveness as a moderator of the developmental cascade.김상학
2015-05세계화 시대의 다문화가족의 확산과 국제관광의 사회적 기능에 대한 이론적 성찰김상학
2012-08Toward a new understanding of legacy of early attachments for future antisocial trajectories: Evidence from two longitudinal studies김상학
2014-05다문화가족 이주여성들의 여가제약이 여가활동 참여 및여가만족에 미치는 영향 : 여가관여의 조절효과를 중심으로김상학
2014-01A Complex Interplay Among the Parent-Child Relationship, Effortful Control, and Internalized, Rule-Compatible Conduct in Young Children: Evidence from Two Studies김상학
2014-02Developmental trajectory from early responses to transgressions to future antisocial behavior: Evidence for the role of the parent-child relationship from two longitudinal studies김상학
2013-10Promoting Toddlers' Positive Social-Emotional Outcomes in Low-Income Families: A Play-Based Experimental Study김상학
2013-11Children's callous-unemotional traits moderate links between their positive relationships with parents at preschool age and externalizing behavior problems at early school age김상학
2013-11Origins of children's externalizing behavior problems in low-income families: Toddlers' willing stance toward their mothers as the missing link김상학
2012-07Child Temperament Moderates Effects of Parent-Child Mutuality on Self-Regulation: A Relationship-Based Path for Emotionally Negative Infants김상학