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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-05Work-family interface: Effect of enrichment and conflict on job performance of Korean workers송지훈
2011-12스마트워크(smartwork)로 인한 개인생활과 업무 변화 인식에 관한 연구: 스마트워크 참여자의 경험을 중심으로권성호
2013-01How the Organizational Learning Process Mediates the Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices on Performance in Korean Organizations송지훈
2012-06Team creativity: The effects of perceived learning culture, developmental feedback and team cohesion송지훈
2012-06The mediating effect of team-level knowledge creation on organizational procedural justice and team performance improvement송지훈
2012-06The effects of scenario planning on perceptions of conversation quality and engagement송지훈
2012-08The effects of scenario planning on perceptions of conversation quality and engagement송지훈
2012-03Teachers’ Creativity in Career Technical Education: The Mediating Effect of Knowledge Creation Practices in the Learning Organization송지훈
2012-05Role of transformational leadership in effective organizational knowledge creation practices: Mediating effects of employees' work engagement송지훈
2011-04Development of a Pastor Competency Model권성호
2011-12대학교양교육에서의 e-러닝 활용방안연구권성호
2016-0530대 전환기 우수역량 미혼여성의 경력전환 과정분석: 정체성 변화를 중심으로송영수
2011-12An Exploration of Various Evaluation Methods to Improve Usability of Museum Mobile Device안미리
2016-05기업의 조직문화가 조직에서의 주관적 행복에 미치는 영향송영수
2014-11The effects of thought-provoking questioning strategies on the quality of argumentation and the collaboration load in SNS based collaborative learning김동식
2014-11Cognitive Task Analysis using different interview methods김동식
2014-06Team performance in learning organizations: Mediating effect of employee engagement송지훈
2013-12애니메이션 기반의 이러닝에서 정보제시 유형이 인지부하와 학습내용 이해에 미치는 영향김동식
2014-12HRD 담당자의 실천적 성찰에 기반한 기술적 전문성 규명에 관한 연구유영만
2011-11Effects of Facebook on Language Learning권성호