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2011-04Expression of Coxsackievirus and Adenovirus Receptor Isoforms in Developing Mouse Bladder Uroepithelium오영석; Gye, Myung Chan; Oh, Yeong Seok; Lee, Jae Eun; Shim, Sarah; Choi, Kyung Jin; Ahn, Hyun Soo
2011-02Expression of claudin-1 and -11 in immature and mature pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) testes오영석; Park, C.J.; Lee, J.E.; Oh, Y.S.; Shim, S.; Nah, W.H.; Choi, K.J.; Gye, M.C.
2012-09A New 2-Pyrone Derivative, 5-Bromo-3-(3-hydroxyprop-1-ynyl)-2H-pyran-2-one, Suppresses Stemness in Glioma Stem-Like Cells오영석; Kim, Rae-Kwon; Kim, Min-Jung; Yoon, Chang-Hwan; Lim, Eun-Jung; Yoo, Ki-Chun; Lee, Ga-Haeng; Kim, Young-Heon; Kim, Hyeonmi; Jin, Yeung Bae; Lee, Yoon-Jin
2016-04Expression of cubilin in mouse testes and Leydig cells오영석; Oh, Y. S.; Seo, J. T.; Ahn, H. S.; Gye, M. C.
2013-10Claudin-1 induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition through activation of the c-Abl-ERK signaling pathway in human liver cells오영석; Suh, Y.; Yoon, C. H.; Kim, R. K.; Lim, E. J.; Oh, Y. S.; Hwang, S. G.; An, S.; Yoon, G.; Gye, M. C.; Yi, J. M.
2011-05Postnatal Changes in the Expression of Claudin-11 in the Testes and Excurrent Ducts of the Domestic Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus domesticus)오영석; Oh, Y.S.; Lee, J.E.; Park, C.J.; Shim, S.; Kim, D.M.; Park, N.C.; Park, H.J.; Gye, M.C.
2012-05Butyl paraben-induced changes in DNA methylation in rat epididymal spermatozoa오영석; Park, C. J.; Nah, W. H.; Lee, J. E.; Oh, Y. S.; Gye, M. C.
2012-05Expression of amnionless in mouse testes and Leydig cells오영석; Oh, Y. S.; Park, H. Y.; Gye, M. C.
2013-12Fucosyl neoglycoprotein binds to mouse epididymal spermatozoa and inhibits sperm binding to the egg zona pellucida오영석; Oh, Yeong Seok; Gye, Myung Chan
2012-06PTTG1 Oncogene Promotes Tumor Malignancy via Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition and Expansion of Cancer Stem Cell Population오영석; Oh, Yeong Seok; Suh, Yongjoon; Lee, Hyejin; AN, SUNGKWAN; Kim, Min-Jung; Lee, Ga-Haeng; Lim, Eun-Jung; PARK, MYUNG-JIN; LEE, SU-JAE