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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05Analysis of Embodied Environmental Impacts of Korean Apartment Buildings Considering Major Building Materials노승준
2018-05Development of a Streamlined Environmental Life Cycle Costing Model for Buildings in South Korea노승준
2018-06Developing a Green Building Index (GBI) Certification System to Effectively Reduce Carbon Emissions in South Korea's Building Industry노승준
2018-07Analysis of Human Toxicity Potential of Major Building Material Production Stage using Life Cycle Assessment김낙현
2018-11Theoretical Study on the Production of Environment-Friendly Recycled Cement Using Inorganic Construction Wastes as Secondary Materials in South Korea김낙현
2018-12Environmental impact assessment of polymer cement mortar filling method for structure maintenance노승준
2018-12Evaluation of basic performance of concrete using a penetrating water repellency based on cement reactive siloxane polymer노승준
2018-12Mineral’s Creation of Recycled Cement utilizing Inorganic Construction Wastes김낙현
2018-10Analysis of Worker Category Social Impacts in Different Types of Concrete Plant Operations: A Case Study in South Korea노승준
2018-09Evaluation of heating and cooling load according to applying electrochromic glass to office building envelope in South Korea노승준
2018-08Analysis of the Primary Building Materials in Support of G-SEED Life Cycle Assessment in South Korea노승준