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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08Novel montelukast sodium-loaded clear oral solution prepared with hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin as a solubilizer and stabilizer: enhanced stability and bioequivalence to commercial granules in rats김경수; Kim, YH; Kim, DW; Kwon, MS; Kwon, TK; Park, JH; Jin, SG; Kim, KS; Kim, YI; Park, JH; Kim, JO; Yong, CS; Woo, JS; Choi, HG
2015-07Novel fenofibric acid-loaded controlled release pellet bioequivalent to choline fenofibrate-loaded commercial product in beagle dogs김경수; Kim, Kyung Soo; Jin, Sung Giu; Mustapha, Omer; Yousaf, Abid Mehmood; Kim, Dong Wuk; Kim, Young Hun; Kim, Jong Oh; Yong, Chul Soon; Woo, Jong Soo; Choi, Han-Gon
2015-07Mechanical properties and in vivo healing evaluation of a novel Centella asiatica-loaded hydrocolloid wound dressing김경수; Jin, Sung Giu; Kim, Kyung Soo; Yousaf, Abid Mehmood; Kim, Dong Wuk; Jang, Sun Woo; Son, Mi-Won; Kim, Young Hun; Yong, Chul Soon; Kim, Jong Oh; Choi, Han-Gon
2015-11Novel sodium fusidate-loaded film-forming hydrogel with easy application and excellent wound healing김경수; Kim, Dong Wuk; Kim, Kyung Soo; Seo, Youn Gee; Lee, Beom-Jin; Park, Young Joon; Youn, Yu Seok; Kim, Jong Oh; Yong, Chul Soon; Jin, Sung Giu; Choi, Han-Gon